People always wonder all the time why I don’t drink.

It’s a personal preference of mine because to me, I get high off of life.

And most drinkers annoy the hell out of me.

Most people can’t control their alcohol.  Meaning, their personality switches at one point or another during the imbibing

I have a lot of friends that will suck down a glass or two of wine, and you won’t notice a single difference in their personality at all.  Great, I got no issues with that.  A friend of mine, he does that and has eight Scotches.  You would never know it, ever.  He basically is the same person the whole time.

But the majority of people annoy the shit out of me when they drink.

Drunk talk is stupid talk.

Their voices get higher–especially women.  They get more shrill, almost like nails on the chalkboard.

Men, they get so loud and obnoxious.  It’s unbelievable.  And they start calling each other ‘brother’ or ‘dude’.  It drives me nuts.

I’m pretty mellow.  Not a loud person at all.  I don’t like to be around loud people.  To me, drinkers are loud, and it gives me a headache.  I tend to leave when the drinking begins.

No problem, they can all hang out together.

If I’m sitting in a room full of smokers and they want to smoke and talk about their nicotine high, then I’ll walk outside and let them enjoy it.  I don’t want to rain on their parade, so you’ll never really see me hanging out at high alcohol consumption events.

Not my style, not my scene, not the type of people I want to hang with, but they can all hang together.

That’s really the reason why I don’t hang out with drinkers.  Now, my drinker friends can control themselves, and that’s great.  But I find most people can’t.

Most people get loud.  They get obnoxious.  They start saying things.

And a lot of people get really insecure too.  The alcohol plays with them.

A lot of people get liquid courage, or they think it’s courage.  And they go and approach the opposite sex.

It really is bullshit.  It’s not courage at all.  It’s the louder version of yourself, and that’s it.

A lot of women I’ve been with, when they drink, they get insecure.  Drives me fucking nuts.  The alcohol starts to get inside their brain, and then they start to ask stupid questions.

“Do you still like me?”

I did two hours ago before you started drinking the wine and then the Vodka. No, it’s all your own fucking paranoia right now, due to the fact that you’re drinking.

Keep your brain clear, your mind clear.  You can handle alcohol, great, then you can hang with me.  If you can’t handle alcohol, then you’ll know.  If you’re at a party, and you see me leaving and everybody’s drinking, you’ll know I’m just around a bunch of loud, close talkers.

I also said when I owned a bar years ago, on the side of an alcohol bottle, that they should add this warning label:

Warning: Consumption of this beverage may make you sound and act like an insecure asshole.

Like I said, let the smokers hang with the smokers, let the pot heads hang with the pot heads, let the coke addicts hang with the coke addicts, the meth addicts hang with the meth addicts, and the alcohol consumers hang out with the alcohol consumers.

Nothing wrong with it. Let the vegans hang with the vegans. Let the meat eaters chow down on a steak with each other. Let the beer consumption people hang with the beer consumption people. We all like who we are, we’re all comfortable with who we are. We all know what we don’t want to put up with.

So, people, choose your friends wisely, and don’t just go with the crowd.

That’s how I roll.