This week’s “Dear David” comes from one of our slightly younger readers, 20 year old “Sam.”

He’s currently studying for exams, and is getting tired of the dating games girls play. Let’s see if we can help him out shall we?

He says, “Dear David, I don’t get it. Why do women play games? I’m doing my senior college course right now, so obviously the majority of girls I meet are my age. Is it something just younger women/girls do, or do more mature women play dating games too?

I’ll start talking to a girl. She’ll flirt with me so I’ll flirt back. The moment I show any interest in her, she’ll give me the cold shoulder and start making me chase. I hate it. If I’m interested in someone, I want to tell them, and not have to pretend I’m busy/unavailable/uninterested to get their attention!

I generally get far more attention from girls here when I’m not trying, or don’t respond to them. It’s all like a big game to them, and it’s actually starting to make me seriously frustrated at women!”

David Says…

Firstly Sam, just to reassure you, not all women are like this, so don’t start hating on all of them. To be honest, I know plenty of older women who play the dating games so I don’t think it’s an age specific problem.

Here’s the thing…

There’s a whole lot of sh[‘/ty advice out there that tells women to “play hard to get” or to “make yourself a challenge to men” and some women have taken it to heart. To be honest Sam, if a girl starts playing games with you, tell her you’re not interested in playing games, and send her on her way.

I’d almost guarantee her attitude will change. In fact, it’ll probably turn her on.

Forget the game-playing girls. There’s no point wasting your time on them. They’ll realize the games don’t work when they’re 40 and still single!

Concentrate on getting your grades, and hanging out with girls who are honest, open, and interested in a relationship. Don’t change the way you act around girls, and start playing the same games. Stay authentic and the right kind of women will start to notice you.

Hope that helps! 

Agree or disagree folks?