Why women love it when you don’t give a fuck.

Why do rock stars get laid?

Why do men who seem to be complete assholes get laid consistently? And have great sex.

I’m going to show you why not caring is your greatest asset to meeting women.

So many guys care so much about every single encounter that they end up getting nothing out of any encounter.

I’ve got a mindset that I’ve had for years, and it’s a mindset of just not giving a fuck.

I go on a date with somebody and I really don’t care about the outcome at all. I’m just sitting there being present, and aware of who I am.

Most of the time I end up not being attracted to a woman after a few dates.

It’s not because I don’t think she’s beautiful or hot. I’m just so present and I don’t give a fuck, so I’m able to see her for exactly who she is.

I allow her to show up in my space, and I’m not caring about any outcome.

I don’t have an agenda. I don’t have wants and desires.

Sure, I’d love to be in a great, loving relationship. It’s very important to me.

But I don’t want to be in any of the relationships I’ve been in before, or make the same mistakes. So I’m very aware of my warning sings. I’m very aware of my patterns. And by being so aware of my patterns, I’m able to show up and not give a fuck, which in turn makes me even more attractive to the opposite sex.

If I’m not selling myself, I’m not insecure and full of fear, like so many people are.rock-stars

This mindset, this approach, works for everything you do.

Many of you walk over to a woman, and if you remotely think in any moment that she is the perfect girl for you and that she can be your next girlfriend, immediately she’s going to feel it. Even if you don’t say it.

She’s going to feel it in your energy. She’s going to feel it in your being, and what’s going to happen is that she’s going to be turned off by you before she even has a chance to be turned on by you. Because we’re primal beings who feel things on this energetic level.

So it’s time you stop giving a shit about everything. It’s time you started enjoying the process of meeting women.

My motto is this:

Today is another amazing day to meet another beautiful person, because in my life, I meet beautiful people all the time. I’m looking to find the person who’s beautiful on the inside and the outside.

It’s time I taught you how to not give a fuck about anything when it comes to meeting women.

By changing your mindset, you’re going to change what happens with women. You’re going to find yourself in a loving relationship.

You’re going to find yourself hooking up when you need to hook up.

You’re going to find yourself meeting women who are instantly attracted to you, because you’re going to have the mindset that nobody else has.

It’s amazing. It’s going to change your life for the better.

Check it out.