We all know personal ads are deceptive.

That’s why online dating can be tough—there’s a lot of deception, but only because most real life ads are deceptive.

For example, I was driving by a building today, and as I drove by a sign that said:

Enjoy Vintage Design with Modern Living

I thought to myself, “I’ve been in that building and there’s nothing modern about it.”

It does have a great vintage design, but what’s really modern about it is that is they’ve added a dishwasher and dishwashers were modern in 1960. There’s no modern shower, modern bath, modern kitchen in this place. It’s all pretty much old.

So, what exactly makes something “modern”?

It’s interesting how deceptive words can be when you read into them.

It’s fun to read through ads and look at word-deception and see exactly if you’re getting exactly what they say.

Read through some ads one day, they’re quite comical.

They really are.

But what if we dated like clever people that wrote those ads.

Let’s see, at my age right now, I would be:

Vintage Man with Modern Insides

What does that mean? Well I’m a little older looking on the outside but yet on the inside everything is new.

Let’s go even deeper, does that mean that my penis works like young men?


Vintage Man with Modern Insides

I love the way that sounds. I think I’m going to start some online dating profile or something and I think that’s going to be my handle.

Vintage man, modern insides. That means I’m old and wise, yet I take all the new.

But isn’t it crazy how the use of certain words makes the meaning ambiguous. If you do it right, you can write something that anyone can see themselves in. Whether that be car or relationship.

Do any of you online date?

I want to hear the funniest online dating profile story out there.

When I used to date online, I would run into some funny characters—I can’t be alone in this.

Let me know in the comments below.