What exactly is a bar pretender?

Is it when you dress up as a candy bar and walk around?

No, bar pretending is actually going out to a bar on a Friday or Saturday night and pretending like you’re having fun.

We’ve seen it in movies we made fun of.

Like Night at the Roxbury when they’re bouncing their heads up and down.

Or like Wayne’s World when they’re playing the music in the car.

The majority of people don’t have fun on a Friday or Saturday night at a bar, but yet you think that’s your only option.

So what do you do when you’re in a bar? You pretend to have fun. You’re basically standing there like a mall security guard in the corner talking to your friends elbowing them trying to figure out who’s going to be guy who has the balls to go and talk to the hot woman standing there.

You think you’re being slick but in reality all the woman are noticing you do that exact motion. That’s the reason why when you approach her she tends to turn her back on you.

Most people pretend to have fun at a bar on a Saturday night or Friday night. Not me.

If I go in to a bar or I’m in a crowded restaurant, I’m usually not having fun, so I stand around not caring. I could care less about the women that are around me. And women will come over and start talking to me because I don’t care.

The opposite are all the mall security guards that are hanging out there pretending to have fun in the corner.  They care a lot.

Life is short. You never know when the ride’s going to end so why use Saturday night to do things you don’t like? Find alternative things to do on a Saturday night.

There’s plenty of things to do and I always talk about in my Men’s Mastery Series.

You should really get good at meeting women during the day. Then you won’t be bar pretending on a Friday or Saturday night. You’ll be out with the women that you meet during the day. You’ll always have a date. Always have a woman to hang with. You’ll always have a lover, a booty call.

Concentrate on what brings you the greatest return on your investment of time and money.

You can meet women during the day for free.

If you meet women at night, your ROI depends on how much you drink and how much liquid courage you need and where you live. Hell, you can live in Davenport, Iowa, and it might only cost you $20 to get a buzz, but that same $20 in Davenport won’t get you a single drink in Manhattan.

Look at yourself as a business and really start thinking about your return on investment. Daytime meeting = free. Nighttime meeting = $$$.

I don’t know what sounds better to you, but I can tell you this: if you’re ready to ditch the bars and meet women like I do during the day then click the link below right now.

Not only will you never step foot in a bar again but you will experience the same amazing life I have with women: