Who’s your secret crush?

We all have one. Somebody that, if we had the opportunity to meet, we would.

So who is your secret crush, and what have you done to actually meet your secret crush?

Now I know if your crush is celebrity, it would be pretty creepy for you to find their agent and send them e-mails or letters or postcards or texts.

So let’s put it this way.

Let’s not make it a celebrity secret crush. Who is your real-life secret crush. Somebody like you. Somebody you actually can get a hold of. Somebody you can actually connect with.

Because today, I’m going to challenge you — all of you — to reach out to your secret crush.

I know, I know, this is a task. A task that probably scares the hell out of you.

Because it means you’ll actually have to be vulnerable.

It means that you’ll actually have to be open up to the possibility that your secret crush, well, doesn’t really have a secret crush on you.

But here’s the benefit: by you actually reaching out to your secret crush, you’ll no longer be obsessed about the possibilities of this secret crush.

I know so many people out there who are constantly thinking about somebody that they once ran into at Starbuck’s, and they’re hoping that they will run into them again.

I’ve coached many women who are secretly hoping that this guy at the gym won’t notice them.

I know women and men who have basically seen the same people on the swipe apps, and they literally hoped that the people will notice them the third or fourth time around.

You see, crushes are kind of a waste of time unless you’re actually going to do something about this crush.

If you’re not going to go and actually let the crush know that you like them — and I’m not talking about a virtual like on Facebook; I’m talking about a real like — this person will never know that you even exist.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, why do you have to make the move?

Well, somebody does! Because the crush, who might be crushing on you, might be reading the same article, and they may think hey, I’m going to reach out to you, you might have a mutual crush life today.

But in life, doers are people who get things done. Talkers are people who constantly procrastinate.

So today be a doer and just see what happens.