Is there anyone interesting on your life’s Rolodex?

I was driving around today, and in the mood to talk to someone.

In my car I’ve got this great little system where you can hit the telephone button, hit the directory, and spin through all your saved numbers as you’re driving.

So I went from A to Z.

Made one call to my friend Brian, and that was the only person I wanted to talk to in that whole Rolodex.

No…that’s not true. I left my brother a message also.

It’s interesting. We have so many phone numbers in our phone books nowadays, but when we really feel like talking and opening up, there’s never really anybody to talk to.

Now, I’ve got lots of friends. Met some the last couple of nights, had dinner with friends. But sometimes you’re just in the mood to talk—really talk.

And if you think about it, there are not many people that get you.

Now your friends have all different situations.

You have friends of the month, you met some new friends, you’ve got friends for bowling if you’re a bowler.

You’ve got your football friends.

You’ve got your work friends to talk business with.

You’ve got your friends that are fellow vacationers that you can always talk travel with them.

But when you really want to reach out and talk, of all the numbers that are in your life Rolodex, how many of them are people you really want to talk to?

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

My life is full of numbers. My life is full of names. But when we really want to be understood there’s only a few people that really will understand you.

Not only that, probably only a few people that will really take your call and actually listen.

So, you can enjoy your Rolodex full of numbers, your Rolodex full of people, your Rolodex full of lives. But when it comes down to it, how many true friends are there to listen when you really want to reach out and touch someone?

. . .

Who are your close friends and why and how many of them are in your life?

How many people do you have that you can really talk to, really connect with, and really understand you?

And who would pick up if you called them right now?