I’m watching television the other night, and laughing at the kind of commercials you see late at night. These commercials are hysterical.

I know I talked in another blog about the commercial with the Time Warner guy, but tonight I saw a commercial which might be my favorite late night commercial.

It was the commercial for the law firm Binder & Binder. They should call themselves “Binder Squared.” So I guess it was Mr. Binder (well it has to be since they’re both named Binder) who says, ‘I’ll fight the government for you’ as he puts on a hat. It doesn’t look like a government hat, but more like a bad Indiana Jones hat.

First Date Ideas

So I’m not really quite sure what his idea was when he made this commercial. It’s interesting, though, because when I look at commercials like this I have only one thought: That is not a law firm I would want to use — they’re too cheap!

Did Binder Squared write their own commercial? If not, who writes these law firm commercials? They are horrible.

I bet it is a lawyer who writes them. The guy who owns the firm is probably so egotistical because he is a lawyer who wins everything, that he thinks he can write commercials too.

I know a lot of lawyers, and if they win a lot then they become very egotistical because they think they can win or do anything. It frustrates them when they can’t.

One of the things they should stick to is the law. They should just forget about writing commercials, because these late-night lawyer commercials are awful.

So what does all of this have to do with dating? It teaches you about conversations and about sharing your life.

You watch late-night television and you notice these Binder and Binder things, and you can start a great phone conversation by commenting on that. You can call someone and say, “I’m sitting here watching TV and as I’m seeing all these late-night commercials all I can think is ‘what’s wrong with them?!'” The other person will laugh and say something about that, and then you can have a great long conversation about it.

Everything is a conversation. Everything you do, experience and feel is a conversation.

Speak with passion and with gusto, and do you know what is going to happen? Other people are going to be attracted to you. They’ll want to be part of that conversation.

See, I can always tie dating in to any topic.