I still can’t believe I have to answer this question.

Who pays on the first date?

Do you really want to know? Do you really have to ask who pays for the first date?

Ok, well, for the benefit of anyone who’s missed it in the past…

The man should always be the one asking for the date, and then should be the one to pay for it. That’s right. You pay. You had the balls to get her phone number. You followed up with a phone call or text. Now YOU take her out, and pay for it. Even if she offers, tell her, “Put your cash away.”

“Put your Euros away.”

“Put your gold bullions away.”

“This one’s on me.”

Call me old fashioned, but you know what it says when you let her pay for the first date you go on?

It’s says you’re cheap. You’re not in control. You’re not being the man. And women don’t get turned on by that. Pay the bill!

If you take her to a restaurant you can’t afford, that’s your fault. It’s pure stupidity. Don’t try and impress a woman by taking her to a fancy restaurant you can’t afford. It’s nuts. If you want to take her for dinner, take her to a nice little place that doesn’t cost that much. Obviously make sure it’s not a hellhole, but be certain you can afford for her to have whatever she wants off the menu.

There’s no point taking a woman out on a first date to somewhere that’s going to charge you $200 for dinner anyway. I never do it. Firstly, I don’t really enjoy the kind of food that costs $200, and why would you spend that much on a woman you may not get on with?

You don’t know who she is, whether you’ll like her, or if you’ll have any connection whatsoever. Always keep it simple, and date within your budget. Even better, just take her for a coffee if that’s all you can afford. It gives you a good chance to chat and get to know each other without spending a fortune on the date. If you can only afford to take a stroll round the park with a couple of sodas, fine. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

But you pay. Not just that, but you plan the date. Don’t ask her what she wants to do. A man with a plan is always a guy that gets women excited. And I’ve said this so many times on YouTube videos. You lead, and she receives. You’re the man!

So, remember, the first date doesn’t have to be anywhere expensive. It can be somewhere fun, basic, or cute. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about showing her you’re in control, and you want to connect with her. And as far as who pays on the first date goes, I never want another email or call asking this question!

It’s right here on this blog. YOU pay on the first date. The man gets the number, the man asks the woman out, the man pays for the date. Just make sure you can afford whatever you do with her, and remember, it’s not all about wooing her with fancy food and fine wine. By the way, just in case anyone assumes I’m saying the man should always pay for everything, I’m not. I’m all for a woman paying her way, but NOT on the first date.