I want you to think about your story. I want you to think about something in your life that’s disappointing you.

Maybe it was a marriage that didn’t go the right way.

Maybe it was just a relationship that didn’t work out.

It might have been something to do with your job.

It might have been a business decision that you made a long time ago.

It might have been something from your childhood.

There are many stories that we’re carrying around. As a matter of fact, we spend so much time in Storyland, that sometimes I think most of us are living a life called Aesop’s Fable.

I want you to think about this right now. Who’s the villain in the story?

Of all the situations above, the one that’s your story, is there somebody that you’re blaming for that something that happened to you?

Was it your ex-husband who left?

Who’s the Villain in Your Story?

It’s funny because a lot of people always have a bad guy in their story, somebody that abandoned or left them, or disappointed them, or maybe didn’t give them that job, maybe didn’t give them the love that they wanted. Or maybe it was a mother who didn’t love and coddle them the way they needed, or their father was an evil villain, he was like Darth Vader.

villain in your storyThere’s a villain in so many people’s stories.

People are always looking for somebody to blame for issues in their life. Do you do that? Then you’re not taking full responsibility.

In any story, there’s good and bad. There’s evil and nice. In every single relationship that didn’t work out, there’s nobody that wronged you because you made those decisions and you were an equal participant in that story. But, a lot of the times when we spin that story, it’s always about that person that left us, abandoned us, disappointed us.

They didn’t do what we needed and we’re telling that story over and over again, which means that we have not evolved as much as we really think we have.

Change Your Story

In order to become evolved, you need to lose the villain in your story. You need to realize that the villain is really you.

Stop being the victim. You decided to put the blame on somebody else so you can have an easy out. When you do that, you haven’t learned the lesson that was presented to you in that relationship.

When you don’t learned the lesson that’s presented to you, you’re going to find the next relationship will have another villain. That villain will look different, but that villain is going to be a villain. People will always wrong you, leave you, abandon you, and disappoint you because you’re setting yourself up for that.

So, take a look at the story above, the one that resonated, the topic that resonated with you, then make a conscious decision to re-frame that story. Take equal ownership of being the villain in that story because you caused that villain to leave, to disappoint you, through your actions. It’s a partnership, equal ownership, 50/50. That’s what all relationships are.

When you start accepting your share of the responsibility, you’ll actually start to attract better people in your life and you’ll no longer be the villain in the story because you’ll realize that you’re the equal partner.