I have a question for you guys today…

When do you normally tell a woman you love her?

For most guys it’s in the middle of sex.

Me and my pals used to joke about it all the time when we were younger. You’d be having sex with a girl, and just as things were getting really hot you’d say “I love you.”

Later when it was over, you’d suddenly think to yourself, “What the f+~# did I say that for?!”

So when is it the right time to say I love you?

For me, you should only ever tell a woman you love her when you really mean it (or at least believe you do). And I don’t think you can know for sure until the beginning of year two of the relationship. You see, relationships go through stages.

First comes the “Rampant humping” stage. For the first six months you can’t get enough of each other. Every time you see her, you can’t wait to rip her clothes of and have sex. It’s normally also during this first six months you go through the “I love you” stage.

You can’t stop saying I love you to each other, and it feels like you’re whole life was leading up to being with this amazing woman.

You need to be really careful during this stage guys. Because  from month twelve to eighteen you’re going to run into the “reality stage” of your relationship. That’s when you start to find out who this woman truly is. You start to discover whether she can really satisfy your needs, wants, and desires. 

This is the stage when you find out whether you’re prepared to cope with any bad habits or character traits the woman has. Often it’s when you get to this stage you realize she’s not what you want. The sex starts to dry up, conversations are harder to keep going, and you don’t feel the same connection you had with her at the start.

This is when you need to sit down and talk to her, and decide where things are heading. This is why I think it’s so important to watch out for the “I love you” phase at the start of a relationship. I’ve been teaching you for years how women are all about the mental and emotional side of a relationship, and once they hear the words “I love you” from a guy they think that’s it.

So be careful what you say, and when you say it. Is there a right of wrong time to say I love you?

In reality, probably not, but make sure when you say it you believe you mean it, and stop saying it when you’re on top of her and about to have an orgasm!