The other night I was out, when all of a sudden I got caught in a powerful smell. I wasn’t sure what the smell was at first, or from where it was coming.

I smelled something that almost smelled like the duty free shop at JFK. It stunk!

I wasn’t sure what it was. Was it hand lotion? Perfume? Cologne?

Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the source of this awful smell. Four guys attached at the hip were walking through the bar. As they got closer, and as the smell got closer, I knew I was dealing with “cologne man.”

That’s right, cologne man. Cologne man is the guy who jumps into the bottle of cologne before he goes out at night, thinking that is the way to turn people on.

I literally smelled those cologne men who were walking in the bar from forty feet away. So here’s a tip for those guys out there who like to bathe in cologne: Don’t do it!

Don’t bathe in your cologne. Dab it on.

Meet Women At Duty Free Shops

For those of you who think a fragrance smells really good, being subtle is always better than being overwhelming. How do you know your fragrance is overwhelming?

Smell you phone. If your phone stinks like cologne, then you’re putting too much on.

Go in your car and smell. If you car stinks, then you’re putting on too much cologne.

Smell the jacket you go out in at night. Does it smell like the duty-free shop at JFK? If so, then you’re putting on too much cologne.

Nobody wants to hang with somebody who has bathed in cologne. This goes not just for men, but for women too.

If you are a woman who bathes yourself in perfume, a man is not going to be intrigued by that. He is going to think he’s hanging out with his grandmother.

When it comes to fragrance, less is always more.