I strongly suggest all of you learn how to come up with an early version of Alzheimer’s.

Not the one where you forget your entire life.

No, that is permanent Alzheimer’s.

I’m talking about Alzheimer’s that’s temporary.

Here’s the deal: I just ran a boot camp in Chicago and pushed one of the guys, Steve, to go into the bra department of Nordstrom’s rack and ask a cute girl what size bra would fit him best.

He didn’t want to do it.  But I made him.

After some hesitation, he walked over and said it to her.

They exchanged conversation for a minute and he came back.

What was really fascinating about the whole thing was how ridiculous that must have been for him.  But he didn’t think about what an idiot he was, asking a woman how his moobs would look in a bra.

All he thought about was the feeling of doing it.  The feeling of doing something for the very first time, actually doing something that really made you look like an idiot…and not caring.

That was the breakthrough for him. Afterward, he felt really good and conversed with one of the prettiest women of the entire weekend who had a little baby cocker spaniel in her cart.

Not only did he converse with her, but he was present.

When she said the name of her dog, he asked her what inspired her to name the dog that way.  He was 100% in the conversation for the very, very first time because he didn’t care about the outcome. Because if you think about it, he already walked over to a woman and asked her what bra would look best on him.  How much worse can it possibly get after that?

It’s all about having Alzheimer’s.  The quicker you forget about an approach, the quicker you start your next approach, the quicker the next approach will be a success.

In life, we all fail.  Failure is great.  It means you actually tried and actually made an attempt.  The more you fail, the better you’re going to get at something.  The more times you throw the ball at the basket, the more times you approach a woman, the better you’re going to get at it.

I strongly suggest you develop an early sense of Alzheimer’s, but I don’t want you to forget the one key thing: by approaching all these women, you’re going to survive.  No one is ever going to stab you, hit you, kick you in the balls or cry rape, ever.

No one is going to call you creepy, stalker, or anything else.  All they’re going to do is look at you and realize that they met a cool guy and attempted to talk to them.

It’s time that you developed Alzheimer’s and it’s time that you got off your ass and started approaching.

Are you ready to become fearless when meeting women?