where should I meet womenThis is going to be an interesting concept today that I think you’ll have never explored, and I want you to listen carefully as I walk you through this. In my neighborhood, there’s a homeless man who walks around. He’s tall, he’s skinny, he’s got a long beard. Some days you see him with a shopping cart full of his possessions.

Other days, you just see him aimlessly walking down the street. Sometimes you see him on the other streets around me. But usually you never see him outside a two-block radius.

He seems to be able to collect as many bottles/recyclables that he can in this territory to make the money to survive. This is his territory. He doesn’t venture anywhere else. Sometimes you’ll see another homeless person once in a while in this territory, but you don’t ever see them again. Because I’m sure that there’s some kind of conflict. There’s some type of territorial battle. And my bearded man always wins. All the time. I’ve seen him for years. He never asks for money. He never asks for anything, but it’s his territory.

What is a territory? A territory is your comfort zone. It continually provides the riches that you want in life.  Think about this: Tom Brady’s territory is the football field. Peyton Manning’s territory is the same field. That’s why a lot of ex-football players go on to be coaches or broadcasters, because they are so comfortable in their territory. They’re experts, they feel safe, they feel comfortable. They are able to work their territory every day, to be the most successful.

The territory gives back to us. The territory that we work every single day, gives back to us pleasure, because we’re comfortable right there.  A territory is literally something that you can claim by yourself. You can claim this territory by yourself, because you’re comfortable there. You don’t need friends, or wingmen, or anything else – see what I’m getting at?

And a territory always brings back exactly what you put into it. What’s your territory when it comes to meeting women? How many of you are going out to bars, to the clubs? Places you don’t feel really comfortable, and you’re trying to make it your territory?

You see a guy walk into a bar, immediately walk up to the most beautiful woman. Five minutes later, they’re leaving. And you wonder, how the hell did he do that? Because he believes in the territorial laws of dating. He knows he’s comfortable there. See, to him, that bar is his home. He’s comfortable, he feels great there. To him it’s no different than being in his living room, or his bedroom. He’s that comfortable.

There are other men you see that are just amazing at meeting women in restaurants. They can walk up to the hostess and flirt with her instantly. Or sit down and immediately score the bartender’s number.  There are other men who really do well at meeting women in malls, and beaches, and public places like that. Are you understanding where I’m going here?

“Where Is The Best Place For ME To Meet Women?”

You need to find your territory. I’m really great at meeting people in certain places. I love meeting people at restaurants, sitting at a quiet bar, where I can just sit down and talk to somebody. I’m great at meeting people sitting by a pool. As you all know, I’m really great at meeting people in Whole Foods. We’ve made jokes about it 1,000 times before. I have territories that make me feel comfortable. I’m an expert in my territory.

So the question to you and I’ve talked about this a lot, is where is your home field advantage? What are your comfort zones? Where do you feel the most powerful? Because when you feel the most powerful, that’s going to become your territory and you’re not going to have to go awkwardly to other territories to meet people.

Find a few places where you feel the most powerful, where you feel the most inspired. Where you feel the most interesting and knowledgeable, because those are the places where in the hierarchy of life, you’re going to come across as a very strong, powerful, male. These are the best places for you to meet women.  If you keep throwing yourself into bars, clubs and places that you just don’t do well at, you’re going to be exposed. Because all we are is primal beings.

The women looking for a strong male is going to see your weakness in theses places because she’s going to feel your anxiety. She’s going to feel your lack of confidence in places where you’re not on your home territory. But the opposite is true when you meet somebody in a place that you feel is your territory. You’re going to feel strong and confident. That alone is going to attract her instantly no matter what you say because she’s going to feel like she’s in the presence of somebody who’s in control of his life, in control of his territory.

Think about it and decide where your territory is and start becoming the most confident, strongest version of yourself in your territory. In your territory, there’s always going to be other people to talk to, ways to connect, for you to do well. Some of you, your territory is online dating because you’re really good at writing that first e-mail. Some of you try online dating and you’re terrible at it, because you’re not a good writer. You can’t write a profile. You can’t even write a first e-mail. So you end up trying online dating for months with absolutely no success.

You understand where I’m coming from today. Find your territory, become the best version of yourself there, and start meeting the women in your territory and watch your results change.