So I’m looking for a car.

And I posted about it yesterday, wanting your opinion.

Then a reader left an interesting comment.

His words:

David, I thought you said we don’t need a fancy car to get a woman. 

I want to address this so there’s no confusion.

Here’s the deal:

The most important thing about a car is not what you drive; it’s how you maintain it.

When you pick up a woman for a date, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a 1998 Honda Accord or a 2011 BMW X5. It’s not about your fancy car!

If the car looks like you lived out of it; if there are crumbs and bottles all over the place; if the back seat is used as a dumping ground so you have to clear space for people to sit—then it tells a woman right off the bat that you’re a pig, a slob, and somebody who probably leaves pubic hair all around the toilet seat.

She’s imagining that you’re that guy who actually has a shower where you can see footsteps.  (That’s right, some guys have so much mold and dirt at the bottom of their shower that you can literally see the outline of feet. Gross.)

What your car says about you from the second you pick a woman up is exactly the way the woman’s going to think about you through the entire date.

It’s amazing how many guys will tell me:

“You know David, I went out with this great girl last week. It was an amazing date. I picked her up. I drove her home.  But I called her and she just never called me back.”

And so I ask them, “What does your car look like?”

And they’ll say, “No, I’ve got great car! It’s an Audi S5—a really nice car.”

“No, my friend, I didn’t ask what type of car you drive. What does it look like on the inside?”

“Oh…it’s not that clean…”

Aha, my friends, there you have it.

The first entry into your house is the car.  A woman will look at your car and she’ll determine whether or not you are a man who lives with lawn furniture or whether you live in luxury.

Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “Hey, I don’t have the money for expensive furniture…”

Did you not comprehend?

It’s not about the type of furniture, the type of car, or the type of apartment. It’s about how you maintain your personal things.  The same goes for your cell phone and everything else you own.

The way that you maintain your personal things is the way a woman will view you. It’s the first thing that a woman can evaluate about you.  Because that’s what women do, they’re constantly evaluating, they’re constantly looking at things.

So I don’t care what type of care you drive as long as that is clean.  And the statement that you’re making to her is that you’re actually a man that takes of your stuff.

You’re clean, you’re organized and now she knows what to expect when she gets back to your house.

Because, after all, that’s where you want her.