pete carroll datingIf you live in a hole, you missed one of the best endings to a Super Bowl ever. You’re probably thinking, “Today I’m going to write a story about the ultimate man, Tom Brady, and how he literally drove his team down the field, but leaving the Seahawks two minutes left, didn’t Tom have memories of Super Bowl past?”

Didn’t he remember the two Giant games?

Watching the Seahawks roll down the field, and after watching the perfect catch.

I’m not sure what type of pact Belichick, Brady, and the rest of the team has with the universe, but that catch of David Tyree’s had a touch of the divine. As I was watching the game, I thought to myself, this is it.  This is exactly what happened before. It’s unbelievable. Bill Belicheck, not calling a time out. Allowing the clock to tick down.

He’s the ultimate gambler. I was sitting there, doing my couch coaching, and I’m yelling, “Timeout! Call timeout.”

But he didn’t. It was pretty unreal. Marshawn Lynch taking the ball from the five to the one-yard line, clock ticking…

Brady looking down at the ground…

Pete Carroll standing there on the sidelines…

70,000 people watching in the stadium…

Millions watching all around the world…

All eyes on Marshawn Lynch. This is unbelievable. Belicheck did not call a timeout. Seattle’s going to win the Super Bowl. That’s the way Bill Belicheck does things. And I respect him. An absolute gambler. Most of the coaches would have called timeout, probably allowed Marshawn Lynch to score. But he stopped Lynch on the one-yard line.

The play. The ball snapped. Russell Wilson fading back to pass, I’m like are you f*cking kidding me?

Wilson is fading back to pass. This is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen, and now he’s throwing the ball in the middle of the field…

And it’s intercepted. Seahawks are losing their mind.  Richard Sherman, the ultimate loudmouth on the sidelines, absolutely losing his mind.  You saw him. Pete Carroll standing there dumbfounded Brady jumping up and down.  Belicheck cracking a smile…

The Patriots are going crazy. Everything afterward was adrenaline and testosterone. The Seahawks lost their minds on the field, pushing Patriots around, getting into fistfights.  This was the ultimate end to the gladiator sport and an incredible season. But what happened next after the game is why I’m writing today. Pete Carroll stood before the world. Pete Carroll knew that whatever he said would be played on SportsCenter over and over again.

If you watched any game show coverage, they all said, “Run Marshawn Lynch.”  Everybody second-guessed him, but he stood there like a man and took full responsibility for losing the Super Bowl. That’s right, Pete Carroll lost the Super Bowl.  He would have repeated.  He would have cemented his spot in the Hall of Fame.

Instead, he cemented himself as one of the biggest buffoons ever to coach a Super Bowl. He stood there, one interview after another, explaining why he did it. They had the wrong formation for a run. He had a timeout left.  He chose not to call it.  He made the biggest call and he lost the biggest game. So maybe you’re wondering how does that affect you and your dating life?

Pretty simple:

You can’t approach a woman. You can’t tell a woman that you’re hot for her. You have approach anxiety. Pete Carroll just lost the Super Bowl and stood in front of TV cameras and so many of you, every day, e-mail me that you’re afraid to talk to the girl at the gym. You’re afraid if she rejects you, you’re never going back to the gym.

How many of you have approached a woman at the local Starbucks, were turned down, and suddenly you have a new coffee shop?

How many times have you not spoken to the girl in the elevator because she’s in your office building? If she rejects you, you’re going to have to walk up 40 flights of stairs to your office, and you can’t risk that. Are you kidding me? You didn’t just lose the Super Bowl. ESPN is not going to be there. Not every single media outlet is doing a play by play of your interactions.

I want you to learn from Pete Carroll. 

I want you to go out there and have the balls this week to do what you’ve never done before. You’re not being interviewed. Nobody cares if you mess up. Even the woman you ask out will forget in time. No one is reviewing your stupid call. Your mistakes are not getting replayed over and over again. Pete Carroll will go down in Super Bowl history as making one of the worst calls ever.  Probably THE worst.

But, he’s going to live. He’s going to get up tomorrow, take a shower, put his clothes on and start his day. There’s no reason you can’t do the same. Everyone f*cks up. It’s happened to you before, it’ll happen again. The best thing you can do is move forward as quickly as possible.

I want you to look at Pete Carroll the man.  Pete Carroll the man impresses the hell out of me because he does what other guys can’t do – he stands up for his decision and he’s not afraid to do things and he took a risk. What risk are you going to take?