How many of you guys still believe in Santa?

Alright, I’m guessing most of you are saying no.

But really, what if Santa Claus was real? I mean, what if Santa Claus was actually real?

What if you could go to the mall, sit on Santa’s lap — I’m sure there are some dirty old man Santas whose lap you would not want to sit on—but what if you could sit on Santa’s lap and actually ask for something to be delivered under your tree come Christmas?

Think about that for a minute. What would you ask for if you could get one amazing gift this Christmas? Would you ask for a better job? Would you ask for the world economy to be rescued? Would you ask for world peace, to end hunger and starvation in the world?

Are you a person who really wants to save the world or do you really just want to save yourself? Be honest.

Would you ask Santa for a hot girlfriend or a boyfriend? “Hey Santa, can you deliver something special under my tree? Somebody hot, somebody sexy, somebody who desires me and wants to hang with me every day?”

What would you ask for if Santa Claus was real, if you can actually go to the mall and actually wish for something on Santa’s lap?

So today let’s get into the Christmas spirit a little bit and let’s make out our Christmas wish list. I don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice. It’s not really a big deal since it’s just pretend anyway, and it’s fun to have a little conversation in a way that gets us all back to being six years old again and getting excited about what’s going to be waiting for us under the tree at Christmas time.

So what would be under your tree this year? And go ahead, be comprehensive in your lists. Make a list that’s 10 wishes long if you want. I’m looking forward to reading about all your wishes! Who knows, maybe Santa is real and maybe some of it might come true this holiday season ☺