I’m about to let you in on a secret.

A secret so powerful that you will literally know exactly what a woman is thinking about on a date from this point forward.

It is probably nothing you imagined.

We already know what we as men think about on a date.

Most men will think about how hot she is. Most men will think… does she like me?

A lot of men will think… when can I kiss her or what’s the right time to kiss her, when should I make the move, does she like me? It comes up again and again.

But women, oh women are painting a whole different picture. Women are like artists on a date, storytellers, fable makers. Remember Aesop? Women are like that. They are fairytale painters.

You see the beautiful woman who is sitting opposite you on a date is painting a fairytale in her mind. The things you say, the way you talk, the way you look. She is painting a picture, a future picture of you and her.

That innocent picture you show her of you and your kids, she is immediately placing herself there. She is thinking about the beautiful family that she may be a part of one day.

She sees how you talk about your children, and she is putting herself next to you in that mode. She listens carefully to what you say and if it is resonating with her.what women think on a date

She is immediately thinking about a future with all of you together. That Hawaiian vacation you just took, with you and the kids, she put herself on that beach with you.

Women are wired to think about what a future will be, or what it might look like with you.

They do it automatically. You ask them and they don’t even want to admit it. They are embarrassed by it.

But they are summing you up for a potential future. Even though they don’t even know you yet.

They do it because it’s the way they are wired. They are five steps ahead.

Even though they know they must stay present, even though they know that future thinking is dangerous, they are doing it anyway. They can’t control themselves. It’s no different from an alcoholic taking a drink.

Women are love-aholics and they really do want to meet the most amazing man they can.

So as you are thinking about whether or not to kiss her, whether or not to make a move, whether or not she likes you, she is thinking about the future. She is summing you up to see if you are husband material, or stepfather material.

She is summing you up to see whether or not her family and your family can blend together.

She is summing you up to see whether or not you are going to be future lovers.

She’s doing it naturally because that’s how she’s wired, that’s who she is. Women are so different than men.

So next time you wonder what she’s thinking about, she’s thinking about how she feels and how it’s going to feel to be in a relationship with you. That’s what is making her move forward.

Once again it gets down to something I’ve talked about so many times. Create a feeling in a woman so that she wants to see you again.

Talk positive. Allow a woman to picture you with her in the future and she’s going to want to see you again.

Speak negatively about your ex-girlfriend or your ex-wife and she’s going to picture herself as your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, and she’s not going to want to see you again.

Women are all about feelings, present and future. So the next time you wonder what they’re thinking, come back and read this article again so you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking compared to what you are thinking.