Today the Cleveland Cavalier’s beat the Golden State Warriors.

Now, I’m not much of a basketball fan at all. As a matter of fact, this might be my first basketball analogy about basketball that I have ever written on this vlog.

Cleveland was down three games to one.

They went into game five, literally at an arena where Golden State has won the majority of their games.

And Cleveland went in and won.

The Cleveland Cavaliers basically went, came back, and won the last three games to win the NBA Championship. A feat that I think was only done one time before.

I think it was the first time somebody ever did it on somebody else’s home court. Apparently, home court advantage in basketball seems to be something that’s really needed in order to win games. More so than in any other sport.

That might be because of the closed, condensed feeling where the fans are waving like crazy or screaming and it’s echoing throughout the arena, the energy is vibrating off the walls.

If you think about it, in football for example, you can win on the road because you don’t really hear the fans. In basketball, you can hear everything.

But, that’s not really where the analogy is going.

You Have to Study Your Opponent

The analogy is this: LeBron said it the best after they won the game.

He studied what the Golden State Warriors are all about.

Studied everything that they were about – their weaknesses, their strengths.

That way they were able to attack them where they were weak and guard them where they were strong. If you saw the last few minutes of the game where the the teams were going back and forth being ahead, once the Cavaliers took the lead you knew it was over. That’s it, it was done. They kept clawing their way back because they knew exactly what the opponent was thinking and what the opponent wanted to do.

How does that relate to meeting women?

I think it’s the one thing that men have always missed. They don’t spend enough time studying women, their opponents.

Men want to meet women. They want to sleep with women.

But they don’t seem to study women. They don’t seem to study their mannerisms, and they don’t seem to study the way that women speak. Men can go over and try talking to women in a language they don’t fully understand: Man talk.

Understanding What Women Desire

Men just don’t spend enough time analyzing everything about a woman. If you’re going to get good at something, that’s really what you need to do – you need to analyze exactly what the opposite sex is thinking.

You have to. You need to break it down. You need to realize that the only way you are going to be successful is if you spend the time analyzing the hell out of it.

Thinking about women like you want to understand them better, you want to connect with them better. You’re going to analyze them, you’re going to understand them better, you’re going to learn about them, you’re going to listen to them. That way you’re going to get better with them. So today, I’m going to help you, I’m going to give you a little bit of a shortcut.

I’m going to give you a free video you can watch. A free video that can teach you a little bit about what women desire and what they want and what they’re all about. That way they won’t be such a mystery to you at all anymore.