tom brady datingWhat an incredible run the New England Patriots are on. Since Tom Brady became quarterback of the Patriots, the Patriots have been to nine AFC championship games and six Super Bowls. Tom Brady is about to play in his sixth Super Bowl. Imagine that. Just imagine being Tom Brady. Not only are you born great looking.

You’re born with a magic arm, and your destiny and your future was to be with the best coach in the history of the NFL. There’s no better coach that’s ever coached the game that Bill Belichick. Being an avid Jets fan, it pains me to watch the Super Bowl as two ex-Jets coaches square off against each other. So, what does Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots, what can they teach us about dating?

Most of us don’t look like Tom Brady, we’re not married to Gisele, and we do not have an arm like that. But it’s not about looks. It’s about preparation, and it’s about knowing how to win. You see the Patriots’ game plan each and every week is very simple. Take a lot of chances, score a lot of points, and do that for 60 minutes a game. You never see the Patriots rest on a lead.

The difference between the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots is the Green Bay Packers should have beaten the Seattle Seahawks. The Green Bay Packers didn’t have the killer instinct. They couldn’t get into the end zone. And that, I believe, all has to do with having a killer instinct.

They had to struggle early on and they quit. Why was this a competition to begin with? They had no right to come back and they knew it. The Patriots never give you that opportunity. The Patriots continually score throughout the entire game. They never stop.  The Patriots continue to score touchdowns. They never go for field goals. They eat the clock up. They continue to take chances down the field. They act like the game is tied 7-7 at all times.

They’re focused. They’re present. They’re hungry. This should be your mindset. When you’re out every single day, what is your game plan?

You can’t hesitate when you’ve made a game plan. You’ll have an option for every play. Is your game plan to be opportunistic?

That’s what the Patriots are. They never miss an opportunity because they create their own opportunities. You never see fear in Tom Brady’s eyes. The Patriots don’t fear the hype of any team. They don’t allow their opponents to get inside their head. They don’t have monkey chatter nor do they quit.

What’s your daily game plan?

Most of you, those I’ve met in person through boot camps or coaching, you look at a situation and let it intimidates you. You allow yourself to give up instead of coaching yourself through it. When you see a woman you’re attracted to, instead of going over there and talking to her, you inch over tentatively.

Remember it only takes a woman 7 seconds to decide how she feels about you. When you move tentatively, you throw your first interception of the game. After a bad play you move into your virtual head. Brady throws an interception. He goes back to the bench. He talks it over with his teammates. He gets back out there and he does it again.

He takes another chance. He’s not afraid of risk. He’s not afraid of failing. He’s not afraid of anything. Even if he’s does fail, he knows there’s always another chance next week or next season to get it done. How many of you fold in the first quarter?

If your reaction has been to bow out, I want you to stop it today. If you make a mistake, call a timeout. Use your halftime break to regroup. Study the playbook.

Never quit. Ever

Never allow a failure to get in the way. Look at the Patriots: Last years playoff loss couldn’t stop them from going into this season dedicated and ready to demolish anyone who got in their way. That’s what makes Belichick an amazing coach: preparation. Look to me as your coach. I give you programs and products that give you all of the tools that you need to succeed.

Go out and use these skills every single day. You need to allow yourself to fail. You need to allow yourself to screw up and you need to realize that every single day has four quarters. The four quarters of the day does not mean you quit to go on the bench. Think about how the Patriots have prepared.

Ask yourself: Are as prepared as they are? If you’re not, it’s time to become that well prepared. It’s time for you to do what Bill, Tom, Vince Wilfork and the rest of the Patriots do season after season, game after game.