So you’re out an about, talking to people.

You’ve been having fun, making conversation with people all day because you know that’s the way it’s done.

You meet this hot woman and you talk with her a bit. You’re attracted.

She says she has a boyfriend.

This is when boldness comes in.

You need to look at her directly in the eye and say, “You have a boyfriend?  Aren’t you too old for that?”

And then smile.

Then look at her and say, “Who drives whom to the movies—your parents or his?”

Get her laughing a little bit, which she will be.  And then look at her and say, “Boyfriends are kind of cute.  I kind of had you pegged as a good girl.  You guys getting into some serious make-out sessions in his parents’ basement?”

It’s just being playful and being different, and taking it to a whole other level.  And it’s fun.  It also gives you an opportunity to have one more shot at conversation.

Because what happens most of the time when a woman says that she has a boyfriend, is this:

The dude will look sad and say, “Okay, great…” and then they run away like they’ve just been shot between the balls.

However, this is an opportunity to talk about it, and if she’s not in a good relationship she’ll think that you’re funny and charming and cute.  Plus nobody ever says this to her.  It’s more of a challenge and it’s fun.  And you’ll be able to carry that conversation out a little bit further.

And if she made up the imaginary boyfriend—also a possibility—she actually might have to make up another story about him being stationed in Malaysia and how their relationship is not going well so there’s no problem if the two of you got coffee or…