Had a great e-mail from Nick today.

I want to share it with you:

Hi David,

First off, I’ve got to thank you for your advice, and most of all your commitment towards your customers. I honestly look forward to your daily e-mails, podcasts, and videos. Love your friend zones podcasts.

But here’s an issue that hits my heart.

I’m 20, almost 21 years old, junior in college now. I applied your mastery series my freshman year and came up as a total player on my campus. Girls even told me so, including my girlfriend sophomore year. So that sucks, and reputations stick.

A lot of girls totally misunderstand who I am.

Granted I’m muscular and good-looking, but I’m actually not a guy that thinks with my dick.

And that says a lot right there.

Only girls tend to have this pre-conceived notion about me.

You must encounter this type of issue being a dating coach, and while good-looking, tall, the whole shebang. Do you have any tips for college guys like me?

Thank you David,


P. S. Please feel free to make a blog about this, you’ve got a lot of college customers, you know.

. . .


A reputation is great.

Reputation creates intrigue.

A reputation is a sense of mystery.

Here’s the deal: what I love about a reputation is gets rid of all the women that are weak.

If a woman is weak, she’s not going to want to be with you anyway. After doing all the work you’ve done on yourself, listening to the men’s mastery series, applying principals every single day, getting a great girlfriend your sophomore year—you became a strong, powerful, confident guy.

The women that think of you as a player and the women that don’t want to go out with you are ones that are too insecure to be with you.

So if you ended up in a relationship with them, if you were able to convince them you’re not a player, if you are able to convince them that you’re actually a nice guy that doesn’t think with your dick, then they’ll be the type of girl that is actually needy the whole time—a Cling-on; a girl that will text you 20 or 30 times when you’re out with your friends because she’ll think you’re flirting with everybody.

So use your reputations as a repellant.

You see, you only want the women or the girls in college that actually find you fascinating, mysterious, and interesting.

Confidence is sexy to women.

But it takes a confident woman to be with a confident guy.

So don’t let the reputation bother you at all.

Because I’d rather have a reputation than have none at all.

It’s important to realize, once again, that the women that can’t handle you are the women you don’t want anyway, so let them go, let them get intimidated, let them say, let them talk—at least they’re talking about you.

Because here’s what women do: they talk about you amongst themselves.

And then one of them gets gutsy enough to make a play for you, and it’s usually the hottest, sexiest one of the bunch.

Enjoy it man.

Having that reputation in college is amazing. Honor it, embrace it, have fun with it.