Bad-Relationship-david-wygantA woman friend of mine came over the other day.

She’s dating this guy and everything has been great, or what she thinks has been great.

She got into bed with him very, very quickly and sex was fantastic right from the get-go.

Everything was there—the passion, the sex, the connection—and the endorphins were just flying through her entire body.

Then she had a meltdown one day—not about him, just about life. She threw out a couple of harsh words that she didn’t mean; she was pissed off; she had a little temper tantrum.

It was no big deal, we all get them, but to him, oh boy.

It was like buying a new car and getting the first scratch. He didn’t want the car any more. He was pissed. He was thinking to himself, “What happened to her? My God, she just had a meltdown. She’s not just this beautiful, easy-to-deal-with fantasy woman. Whoa…”

So what does he do? He does what every other young man-boy does.

He runs.

He comes up with the typical man excuse.

He tells her, “You know, work’s really crazy right now, and I’ve got a lot of things going on…and uh…aren’t you going to Vegas with a friend next weekend and then you’re going down to Texas for the holidays for two weeks, so maybe we should just kind of chill out a little bit.”

He double-stacks the excuse—one for him and one for you.

And then he does the typical dude thing and says, “Well, we can still see each other, it’s just that we’ve got to play it casual…”

Which, in man talk means that he still wants to screw the brains out of you, but doesn’t want any type of commitment.

I know this may be frustrating or even saddening, but no worries: you’ve just discovered that you’re dating another man-boy.

Sure, you thought this guy was well put together and so forth, but he had you fooled. He was a man-boy.

So a word to the wise women: the next time this happens, don’t let him back into your bed ever again. Shut him down immediately.

Go find yourself a better lover. Go find yourself somebody that deserves you. Go find yourself.