What do you do if you don’t like yourself?

Well, it’s real simple.

You take a look at the things you don’t like about yourself and you make changes.

But you can’t change everything overnight.  You need to take steps.

If you don’t like yourself, let’s say you don’t like your body.

You need to then make a change.  You’re not going to get another body.

So you have to cultivate and nourish and love the body that you have.

How do you do that?

It’s real simple.  You go to the gym, you start working out.  You start cultivating, you start eating better.  You start making changes.

That’s the problem with people is that they don’t like something about themselves, they either going into victim mode or they just plain and simple don’t do anything about it.  Or they get overwhelmed because there’s a few things they don’t like about themselves and they try to fix everything at once.

But it’s almost like when you take a car into the repair shop.  You can’t fix everything all at once.  It’s not possible at all to fix everything all at once.  What you need to do in those situations is you need to fix the things that really bother you first.

Do it in small increments.  That way then you gain new habits.

That way then you become more accustomed to whatever the new habit is.

It’s getting easier to fix yourself because there’s so much great information that’s out there to help you become the best version of yourself.  In order to become the best version of yourself, you need to slowly make changes until you form the new habits.
That’s it.  Real simple, real short read.  Nothing deeper than that.  No over-analyzation here.

Just good simple advice.