Richard ShermanUnless you’ve been in a bubble the last few days, or completely oblivious to everything going on around you, you’ll have probably noticed what Richard Sherman has taught us about the country we live in. What has he taught us?

He’s taught us a lot about where we’re at socially, emotionally, and mentally. Richard Sherman’s tirade at the end of the Seahawk -49er’s game was pure emotion. I loved it!

The testosterone was still going, the adrenaline still pumping, and the passion of winning still flowing through his body. When we heard the tirade, most of us didn’t know that Crabtree had pushed him. We missed it. But it’s amazing how judgmental the society we live in is. And most of it because Sherman is black.

 “Another black guy acting like an animal. Another black guy who can’t control himself.” is pretty much what people have been saying. It’s unreal and it’s disgraceful. Richard Sherman comes from two parents that are still together. His Dad’s a garbage man in Compton to this day. They’re hard working, educated people. Richard Sherman is a smart, eloquent, and well-spoken man. He went to Stanford on an athletic scholarship and got great grades. He’s never done anything wrong in the NFL.

They didn’t throw him off an airplane the other day like Gino Smith was, accused of committing a lewd act. They didn’t catch him masturbating in a Target parking lot like Kellen Winslow did last week. He never got caught for drugs. He wasn’t accussed of raping or killing someone like Darren Sharper did last week in Los Angeles. All he did was show passion over a football game. That’s all he did. He was in the moment, and he was expressing himself. And America the judgmental didn’t like it. So this week we’ve seen racist comments all over the Internet.

What Richard Sherman really signifies to me is that our country is still ass backwards when it comes down a black/white issue. If it had been a white athlete in the spotlight, would people be going so crazy about it? Our country still has a long way to go and that makes me really sad.

What does this have to do with dating? Because I know some of you get your panties in a knot if I don’t cover dating exclusively 365 days a year. So here’s how all this ties in with dating…

It’s about being up on current events. It’s about being able to talk about things happening right now. You guys worry about having things to say to women, or how to keep a conversation flowing. Current affairs give you plenty to talk about. Think about what’s going on in the world and talk about that.  

I tell people this all the time. The more you know, the more interesting you are. The more you know, the easier it is to contribute to conversations. Yes, there’s a social message in all this too. I find it disgraceful people are judging Sherman, and it’s a great conversation to have with people. Talk to people about what’s happing right now!

You see how I always tie it into dating for all you people that get so upset with David Wygant talking about dating one day, and voicing his opinion on something the next?

So how do you guys feel about racism in America? A lot of you live in places I’d never live in because I find them so ass backwards in terms of racism. Some of you may even be racist. I don’t know you personally. How do you feel about the Richard Sherman tirade? And how do you feel about how others are reacting to it so aggressively?