We were hanging out in Covent Garden last night and we ended up getting into a long conversation with a great group of women. I am curious how all of you feel about this topic.

So you’re in a relationship, and you do any of the following things:

• After getting a little tipsy in a bar, you swap spit and play some serious tonsil hockey with the hottie with whom you did a few shots

• You go to a happy ending rub ‘n tug massage parlor and, Heavens to Betsy, the female rubber tugs at you at you at the end of the massage.

• You go to a strip club, and the stripper grinds against you leaving a deposit on your jeans.

• You’re a woman who at a bachelorette party slowly kisses this cute guy you met that night.

• You are on vacation, and you perform oral sex but don’t have intercourse.

So where am I going with all this? What defines cheating . . . and what actions do or do not constitute cheating?

Some people think cheating only occurs if intercourse happens. Other people think cheating is when you just think about it.

Some people say just making out with someone is not cheating. Ask any man who goes to a rub ‘n tug, and he’ll tell you that he’s not cheating. He’ll say that’s not cheating . . . it’s a massage.

So today, we’re going to open up the forum and see what you guys think. What is cheating to you?
That’s the question of the day.

I want to correspond with all of you. I want to hear your thoughts on what constitutes cheating.

I once had this funny little thing that read: “It’s not cheating if you do it in another time zone.” This meant that if you live in New York City and you travel to Los Angeles, it’s 8:00 pm. Los Angeles time and 11:00 pm. New York time. So you basically have three hours to fool around before it’s 11:00 pm your time.

It’s like time travel. If you keep your watch on eastern time, then it’s like you never cheated (sort of like the five second rule – something falls on the floor and you can eat it if it hasn’t been there longer than five seconds).

Instead of the “five second rule,” this is the “three hour rule.” Other people have a different version of this rule: “It’s not cheating if you don’t speak the language.”

People cheat for all sorts of reasons. Let’s hear your definition of what cheating is, and then another day we’ll talk about why people cheat.

I don’t agree with either of the rules above. You can rationalize it any way you want, but my opinion is that the minute your lips lock with another person, you’ve cheated.

What’s your opinion on this issue . . . and don’t hold back! Looking forward to this discussion all day!