You know, one of the most common questions I get from both men and women is how they can become more attractive to members of the opposite sex. The problem is that most people who struggle with attracting the opposite sex really don’t understand what creates attraction.

So what makes someone attractive to the opposite sex? What makes someone attractive in general? Anyone who is familiar with my work knows that one of the core principles I teach is that you need to put out good energy in order to attract people.

People are attracted to those who are positive, who smile, who are open and who are enjoying their life. People who walk around angry, unhappy and with closed body language will not attract anyone. These are not new concepts to anyone who reads this blog.

Here’s what is so interesting though. Even people who understand this concept tend to make a mistake in how they try to apply this.

The number one mistake that men and women make when they go out and try to meet someone of the opposite sex is that they go out to try and meet people of the opposite sex. That is, they go out with laser focus trying to locate and talk to people they are attracted to while ignoring everyone else.

If you understand what creates attraction, though, you know that it is created not just by how you interact with someone you want to attract but also by how you interact in general with the world around you.

Similarly, you attract members of the opposite sex not only by how you interact with them individually, but by how they see you interact with others. In fact, although it may initially seem counterintuitive some of you, you will actually begin to attract more members of the opposite sex the minute you stop focusing on trying to attract certain people and you start focusing on how to just become attractive in general.

To become really successful at meeting and connecting with members of the opposite sex, you need to really get this concept. The next question is, of course, HOW do you do this?

Instead of giving you the answer to this question in this blog, as a special treat for everyone I decided to answer it LIVE. I have just posted a special FREE BONUS Podcast for all of you where I talk about how you can create INSTANT ATTRACTION every day and everywhere you go.

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