What are the best “single cities?” All of you right now are probably anticipating me busting out David Wygant’s list of the best cities for singles, and wondering if your city is going to be on it. Is New York going to be on it? Is San Francisco going to be on it? Is the percentage of men in Boulder, Colorado too high to live there?

The answer is really going to confuse all of you a little bit, because I truly believe the best city for singles is the city that you’re living in right now. It’s all about mindset and attitude when meeting somebody, not about where you live.

It’s all about going out and networking and meeting as many single people as you possibly can, until you find the person you’re most attracted to and the person with whom you most connect. Too many people are all about location. That’s just an excuse.

They say to themselves, “If I lived somewhere else, I’d have no problem meeting someone because I heard that Miami is such a better place to be single than where I live.” In reality, you take yourself wherever you go. So the best city to live in is the one where you live.

When I lived in Boulder, Colorado and I was single, the ratio of men to women was unbelievable. In the year and a half I was living there, though, I had three relationships and had no problem meeting women. Why? I went out and talked to everyone until I found the women to whom I was most attracted.

It’s all about attitude wherever you are. I don’t care if you’re in Washington, D.C. or Toronto, Canada. Everywhere you are is the best place to meet people.

It’s how you conduct your own personal search. What are you doing to conduct your personal search? What are you doing to meet people every single day?

Are you out connecting with people all day long, or are you just sitting back waiting and hoping that you meet somebody? Are you waiting and hoping that you get relocated for your job?

Life is all about mindset and attitude. I practice an abundant mindset so that no matter where I am, it’s the best city to meet people.