man boy david wygantA friend of mine—Larry Michel—recently turned 61.

I called him up and I wished him a happy seventh birthday, because six plus one is seven, and that’s how I like to do birthday math.

But in reality, Larry may have the wisdom of a 61-year-old man, but the heart, the soul, and the creativity of a seven-year-old boy.

And that’s a beautiful thing…

We’re so caught up with being adults, with all our responsibilities. We’ve got to go make money; we’ve got to be responsible; we’ve got to make something of ourselves; we’ve got to make everybody proud.

But the people that I know, the people that live beautiful, amazing lives, the people that attract so much abundance, and so many amazing things into their life, are people that actual like giant adult kids.

Every day when I wake up, I think to myself how beautiful life is.

When I first wake up in the morning all I think about is how I get another day to live this amazing journey called life.

When I first wake up all I want to do is play, I want to do something fun, I don’t really want to go do work, I just want to do something fun.

That’s what life is, and so many of us miss the beauty of life every single day.

We’re so caught up with having to get somewhere, when in reality the beauty is exactly where we are.

Children wake up and they play for an hour, because they can. Adults wake up, and they need to start playing too.

Really enjoy your life. My best friend in the world, one of them, is turning seven, and he plays just like a little kid.

When he dates a woman, he has fun with her, he acts like a little boy exploring a beautiful little girl.

Every exploration is fun, present, exciting.

That’s what life is about, is about connecting with each other like we’re little children again—touching, holding, playing blocks, doing fun things.

But as an adult we get to enjoy far greater pleasures, but he have got to remember the beauty of what it’s like to be a child.

Unlock that inner child and really start exploring you life in a whole different way.