Do the same lessons keep springing up over and over again in your life?

The same lessons. The same relationships over and over again. The same lessons. Dating the same people.

Having the same business things come up over and over again?

Well. I’m just going to tell you, you’re not alone.

As a matter of fact, you’re probably the majority.

You see, God, and the universe, they just constantly want to give you the same lessons over and over again.


Because most of us don’t want to listen to our lessons over and over again.

So God, or the universe — or whatever you believe in, angels, whatever it might be — they will constantly give you the same lessons, over and over again.

Maybe in business it will be the same lesson.

Maybe in your personal life it will be the same lesson.

The situations might change, the people might change, but it seems to be the same lesson all over again.

Have you ever felt like you were dating the same person over and over again, yet they were different?They looked different, they had different names, but it seemed like the same frustrations would come up, the same lessons would come up.

That is because God is trying to shake you and say, look, listen!

Wake up. I can’t keep giving you this lesson over and over again. You’re going to have to start acknowledge it.

Josh, my spiritual coach, told me years ago to do something that I couldn’t do. He warned me about the repercussions. I spent a lot of money and went back and I saw him over and over again.

Finally the exact thing that he warned me about, the exact lesson that I wasn’t willing to look at, actually came back and bit me on the ass. It cost me a lot of money.

And, made me have to do deep inner work that I was afraid to do in the first place.

We all do this.

Kind of like groundhog day…

There are conversations that we all need to have. Discussions that we need to have. It seems like in business and in dating God is always giving us the same situations over and over again and we’re ignoring it.

So what happens is, by ignoring it, we’re not acknowledging it. By not acknowledging it, we’re hoping it goes away. We know we see the lesson, but we hope it goes away so we never have to have the tough conversation that well, that keeps being presented to us over and over again.

Here’s some advice.

If you continue to not have the tough conversation, if you continue to not confront your demons, if you continue to not confront the things that you are not confronting…

The same situation, with different people will keep coming up.

When it keeps coming up, eventually you’re going to have to have that conversation. Eventually you’re going to have to walk through the fear, the anxiety, and actually have that conversation with that person.

You could have made it easy on yourself by having that conversation with the first person that presented the lesson, but most of the time in life, most of us wait and wait and wait and wait and have the conversation with probably the person that frustrates us the most because we’re tired of the same lesson being presented to us over and over and over again.

But I’m going to share something with you…

Once you confront this, once you have the conversation, and once you do it, everything in your life is going to change.

Because you’re no longer going to fear what you used to fear. As a matter of fact, you’re going to feel great. Because once you have that really, really, really, tough conversation with that person, things in life are going to get far easier.

Things in life are going to be clearer. You’re going to be able to move past the lesson that continually is being shown to you.

And once that lesson is no longer being shown to you, eventually you look forward to a whole new lesson.

Yeah, that’s right. There’s just going to be an endless supply of lessons that keeps being shown to you every single day.

It’s okay. That’s what life’s all about. But at least you get to the new lessons and you’re not stuck on the old lessons any more.

And when you’re no longer stuck on the old lessons, doesn’t life get a little easier for you? Don’t you feel good that you finally learned something and you can move forward into the new lessons that you need to learn?

There’s nothing wrong with the new lessons. But, once again, once you understand that life is a series of lessons that keep being presented to you, you’re then going to embrace each lesson and realize that you can walk through it.

Have the tough conversation. Have the conversations that you have to have with people.

And then that way you can tackle life with a far more zest, knowing that you can survive anything. Because they’re just words that you need to have. They are just conversations you need in order to grow.

Because God’s watching. Universe is watching. So, pick the lessons as they come.