As far as I know, there really is only one holiday in February.

I’m sure you guys are all thinking, “What’s the holiday? Is it the President’s Day weekend?”  That one’s still not much of a holiday.  (Well, when we were in grade school and got the day off, it pretty much was a holiday. But I digress.)

And now I know you’re thinking Valentine’s Day, right? To me, that’s not a holiday for men, that’s a holiday for women.  I’m actually talking about the Superbowl.  That is a man’s holiday.  But, it’s over, and now we have to think about the next holiday, and that happens to be the dreaded Valentine’s Day.

Oh man, I’ve got to tell you something about Valentine’s Day.  Every single person for some reason or another dreads it.  You hear about it, you see commercials about it, and you think to yourself, “Man, I’m single, and I haven’t met anybody this year.” It makes you feel down for a split second.  Admit it, even being a guy you feel down for a split second because your buddy may have just hooked up with this really hot babe, and you’re alone.

But here’s the deal: I like it. Being single on a holiday that’s geared towards women—you can’t ask for a better setup.

Think about it.  Women, right now, are clearly in admittance mode that they’re all alone; they’re vulnerable, and they’re open.  They’re thinking, “Wow, another Valentine’s Day with no guy. Nobody’s taking me out for an overpriced meal. No one is buying me flowers. No one is buying me anything.”  I think that’s fantastic.

So here’s the deal: I love every single Valentine’s Day. Remember when we were little kids and they had those ridiculous little candies with the sweet messages on them?  They were like these things made out of talcum powder—so gross, but people like them.

What I would do on Valentine’s Day when I was single is I’d walk around with a big bag of that stuff, or a little box of it. If I saw a woman and I’d start talking to her a little bit, and I would ask, “So tell me, what are your big plans for Valentine’s Day?” And of course half of them would say, “Oh, I’m not dating anybody, I’m going to sit around with some friends. I’m going to watch a movie.” Or whatever.

And I would say:

“You know what, be my valentine. Remember how much fun it was when we were kids and we used to go to school on Valentine’s Day, and we all used to hand out great little cards to each other. And we would enable our crush.  That would be the only day that we were allowed to let our crush know that we actually liked them.  And we’d hope that they liked us back. I want to bring you back to those days.”

And then you reach into your pocket and whip out a box of those ridiculous little talcum powder things that have “Be My Sweetheart” on them.  You tell her to open her hands.  And as she opens her hand, you drop one in her palm.

She’ll start giggling and laughing.  What this did was it brought her back to the days of being a kid again. You gave her a great feeling, and that’s what women are all about.

Valentine’s Day is just about being goofy and having a good time. You don’t need to take it so seriously! Nobody does things like this, but I’ve done it. Oh, I’ve done it. It’s led to instant Valentine’s Day dates, and I’m not talking about an overpriced dinner, I’m talking about getting her to cook for me. It’s led to great invites to little parties, get-togethers later on that week; it’s led to a relationship.

It’s about creating a moment for her, and she will tell all her friends about this guy that she met at the supermarket, in the elevator, at Starbucks, wherever it might be, and how he cheered up her Valentines Day.

So for you guys who have trouble meeting women, practice this technique that I put out there. Practice it a little bit, and get out there and meet women this Valentine’s Day.