Use these Exact Words to Pick Her Up Right Now
Use these Exact Words to Pick Her Up Right Now

Are you ready for that magic pickup line…

You know, that special line that works every single time…

Well, before I get into that, read this email from a customer:

Dear David,

All the attraction stuff is great and I thank you and your team for putting it all together.

But do you have exact words to use to pick up a girl, make her mine, and take her to bed?

Please, I beg you.

And then he gives his phone number.

Really? You want exact words, so you can make her yours, so she goes to bed with you instantly?

So you want the words to text her so that she’ll want to come over to your house, spread her legs wide, and let you enter?

Or maybe the exact words to use so that when you see a woman your attracted to, she just wants to be with you instantly and forget about every other man that’s out there.

So are you ready for the exact words?

Can you handle them?

Are you sure?

Well, get ready, because when you read these exact words, I want you to go to the mirror, and I want you to say them to yourself, out loud, over and over again.

You can even print the words out, so that you don’t have to memorize them.

Here they are:

I’m an idiot.

I’m an idiot, because I truly believe that there are exact words that I can use to get a woman attracted to me.

I, as an idiot, believe that I’m a robot, and that women have the same personalities, and I shouldn’t have to do anything to work on my own personality, because every woman wants to hear robotic phrases from the Internet.

I’m such an idiot because I believe that it’s possible to do this. I’m not willing to work on real confidence. And because I believe this, I will spend my entire life sitting in front of the computer jerking off.”

That’s a lot to print, huh? Well the “I am an idiot” part is the most important.

Wake the fuck up, guys!

There’s no magic phrase that you can possibly use to make some woman want and desire you—whether it’s via text or in person. You’re going to have to develop a personality. Which, by the way, everybody has, but people are so afraid to use.

So here’s the exact words you need to use:

“I’m going to do all the work that David Wygant says. I’m going to learn how to be confident, secure and successful in my thoughts and actions.

And I’m going to allow myself to learn this over a period of time, so I no longer waste time on the Internet, looking for exact words.”