Body LanguageI have a quick tip for you in today’s podcast, all about the power of body language, and one particular “trick” that helps spark interest and attraction wherever you go. In fact, this technique helps you break the ice, and win people’s trust within the first few seconds you meet them. But here’s the thing, so many guys overlook the tip you’re about to learn, and it’s one of the reasons women run away from you.

You’ll hear all about it in the podcast, but guys, never underestimate the power of body language, because it affects every thing you do in your life. I don’t care whether it’s talking to women, going to a job interview, or hell, even how police deal with you when they pull you over (If you look nervous they get suspicious!) Think about it…

Imagine you’re interviewing people for a job. The first person comes into the interview. He’s slumped backwards in the chair, legs wide open, looking around the room, and when he talks he speaks in a low, lazy tone. When you ask to see his C.V he tosses it at you across the table. What do you think of this guy?

He looks lazy, uninterested, and even a bit arrogant. I don’t know about you but I’m not liking this guy. So the next guy comes in for his interview. He’s fiddling nervously with his trousers, he’s fumbling his papers, he can’t sit still, and he doesn’t look you in the eye even when he’s talking to you. This guy’s body language tells me he’s nervous, but it also makes me feel uncomfortable. He looks uneasy. I can feel his nerves and it creates a barrier. It makes him look shifty.

Guy number three arrives for his interview. This guy walks in looking strong, and confident. He sits upright in his chair, and looks me right in the eyes. He smiles, has his shoulders up and back, and looks solid. Forget what qualifications and credentials these guys have. If you were hiring on body language and FIRST IMPRESSIONS alone, most people would hire the third guy.

It’s no different when you meet women. If you look nervous, or uneasy, they’re going to feel the same about you. Women don’t want to date a guy who looks like he’s just fled a murder scene! That’s why it’s so important you listen to, and start using the body language tip in the podcast below. Pay attention and enjoy!  Oh, and in the podcast you’ll hear me mention a couple of things I reveal in my “Men’s Mastery” program. If you don’t have a copy yet, I suggest you grab one!