Change Your UnderwearOK gentlemen. If you’re heading out on a date this weekend, this post could save you from a bundle of embarrassment. This is dating/lifestyle 101 for most of us, but after a couple of disgusting first date stories from women over the holidays, I figured this needed bringing up. 

So, let me be blunt…


I honestly can’t believe this isn’t plain common sense to guys, but it seems some cavemen types among us don’t think about things such as basic hygiene on a date. If you’re going on a date or meeting a woman, you have to be wearing clean underwear!

You should of course be wearing clean underwear every day, but if you’re going on a date, stick a new pair on before you go out the door. What happens if you get lucky and the girl comes back to your house?

Do you think she’s going to want to get physical with you if she’s sensually removing your underwear, only to run into some kind of funky stain on the crotch? 

Come on guys this is basic stuff. Hygiene is essential. But look, this isn’t just about hygiene. You can have perfectly clean underwear on, but if they’re full of holes it’s not a good look. Clean underwear full of holes makes you look cheap. 

Women pay extremely close attention to what some men think are small details. If you can’t even sort yourself out clean, smart underwear, what does it say about you as a man? Do you think it makes you look like a guy who can put himself together well?

It’s not just about having dirty stains in your shorts, it’s about showing you know how to put yourself together. It’s dating/life 101 and honestly I never want to read another story from a woman again about a guy having dirty underwear!

If you haven’t brought new underwear for a while get out to the store and buy some!