I woke up this morning to a great email from a past bootcamp client. As part of my Monday routine I have to clear out a ton of emails from the weekend and then once I do that, I can actually read what is important.

I read this message and right away I knew it was today’s post.

As you all know I rarely will have a guest blogger but this message was too good to pass up.

Thanks Anthony!!

Here is the actual email he sent and his amazing blog.

Hi David, it’s Anthony. Hope all is well and wonderful with you! Everthing has been great w/ me. I wanted to share an article I just finished writing right now. I’ve made this BIG TRANSFORMATION this past month, and I feel like I’ve totally get what you’ve been teaching. I’ve been reading a lot of great books and have learned from these great teachers like yourself. This article is sort of a cumulation of all this great advice I’ve learned from everyone as told through my own mind. Hope you like this article, if you think it’s good feel free to use it on a blog if you think its worthy. Just had to share this w/ the world.


What if I told you that there are two words in the English Language that can transform your life, for the better. Two simple words when put together, will help you unlock the real being that is you. Yes the true you. The you that’s shed off all your insecurities. The you that’s not listening to your own egoistic monkey chatter. The you that you’ve always wanted to show off to the world but were afraid to. The true you that wants to experience success and happiness with the opposite sex, with money, and with life. The one complete you!

These two words when you hear them, feel them, and totally embrace them will bring a change in your life so amazing, it almost feels magical.

Are you ready to hear what these two magic words are? You ready? The two words are……

Be yourself.

Two simple words with tremendous depth. Two words that are the tip of the iceberg with a very deep meaning that’s as deep as the ocean the iceberg floats on.

Being yourself, means being aware of yourself. Guys do you want to know why it seems like 10 % of the men out there, attract 90% of the women. These 10 percenters as I like to call them, are simply being themselves. This is why all you nice guys out who are always chasing and not attracting will always have this asexual, undesirable as a potential boyfriend image in front of women. You’re not truly being, embracing and having awareness of your true inner self. This is why it seems like women go for all the “bad boys” and jerks. These bad boys and jerk guys are being themselves. Not being yourself is also why a lot of you guys and gals too, are being designated to the eternal, and very dreaded, friend zone.

When you are 100% in the moment, present, and aware, you are free of all the bullshit that’s weighing you down everyday. And do you want to know why this happens? It’s simple. In the field of psychology it is well known that the human mind, no matter how brilliant, can only hold one thought at a given single moment. Let me show you what I mean here. For example, you cannot SIMULTANEOUSLY think of your very first kiss and what you’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow. The same is true with emotions! The human brain cannot simultaneously feel 2 different types of emotions. One cannot feel positive and joyful while feeling resentment and anger. These thoughts and feelings can occur linearly but not simultaneously. One can occur after the other, but both at the same time, never.

So the next time when you have thoughts of “do I look fat today”, “is he or she too hot for me”, or “is my significant other cheating on me at work?”, just stop and look around. Be aware of what you’re doing, and where you are. If for example your having these negative thoughts while sipping coffee at starbucks, just embrace the moment. Think of how good that Chai Tea Latte is you’re having. Be aware of how good the flavors reveal themselves on your tongue. Be aware of how the warmth of the drink flows down your throat and chest. Be aware of how hot the cup is in your hand. Trust me people this will work. When you are yourself, being genuine, and being engrossed in all things and everything around you, it’s virtually impossible for you mind to imprison you in monkey chatter hell. In life, the situation isn’t the cause of what you’re feeling, but rather it’s your thoughts about it. So being yourself, and present in the MOMENT OF NOW won’t allow your mind to stress, be depressed, and fret over whatever’s holding you back.

Being aware of the present moment will bring you happiness and bliss you probably haven’t experienced much, if at all. And when this transformation occurs, guys you will be so much more successful with women. Remember, women complain a lot that men don’t listen and don’t pay attention to them. Being present in the moment will cure this complaint that women legitimately have against us. So the next time you’re chatting with a women, any woman, whether it be one you’re attracted to or not, just be yourself. Be aware of your environment that’s around you two. Be engrossed in every word she says. Be observant to every little thing that’s there. Doing this little thing of being yourself will convey confidence, happiness, and generate interest. The same here can be applied to the gals too, when you’re talking with potential men.

And the great thing about being yourself, and being present is that it helps not just with your love and dating life, it helps with your ENTIRE LIFE! For everyone, heaven and hell exists in the mind. Choosing heaven means you’ve chosen to be present, when you’re not present, you’re living in your own personal hell.

Folks, there’s only one moment in life. One moment that really matters. One moment when you can start changing and re sculpting your life the way you want it. One moment that only comes once in a life time, and that moment is NOW!