Oh, you wonderful human being, you.

It must be wonderful being you, being able to go and spend your entire day in your head.

Mentally masturbating to every single thought that comes across.

Creating fear over the simplest things in life.

Some of you love to create fear over talking to somebody, always looking for the right moment to have this conversation, whatever it might be. Could be in your social life, could be in your business life, could be whatever it is. You rehearse that conversation over and over again inside your head, and then when you’re in front of that person, guess what happens?

The conversation doesn’t come out nearly as much as you thought your head would allow it to come out.

It’s almost like when you were a child.

Remember those days?

You were out in the backyard and you were playing hut hut hike.

You were fading back to pass. There was one minute to go in the game. You were the quarterback.

You were also the wide receiver.

You were also the defense.

You were also the offensive line. So you fade back to pass and you throw the ball up in the air, and you’d also be the crowd. The crowd would be cheering. You’d make crowd noises. As you threw the ball up in the air, you ran underneath it, and you were also the announcer.

And you’d catch that ball, and you’d move your hips one direction, and you’d get past the imaginary defender that wasn’t even there in the first place.

And then you’d run down the field and the crowd would be cheering, and your team (you) won the Super Bowl, you, and you were the hero of the Super Bowl.

You had it all planned out absolutely perfect. It was scripted beautifully.

Your head scripted it from the creative point of being a child. A child is creative. A child doesn’t know much about fear.

So, at that moment, you did win the Super Bowl.

You were the winning quarterback of the Super Bowl in that moment.

And then reality came in, your mother called you in and told you it was time for dinner. You had to go, you had to wash up, and well, guess what, you realized that you weren’t in the Superbowl because you had to go do your homework and eat your mom’s shitty hamburgers.

But those stories and those moments that you started creating as a kid became very transparent and became reality when you were an adult.

And as a young man, you stood there and you stared at a girl and wanted to talk to her, but you were afraid to do it, so you tried to create the right moment.

You’re going to say this and she’s going to say that.

You’re going to wait until she makes the break for the bathroom.

You’re going to talk to a woman, when in reality your head is not letting you have the moment. There is no script for any conversation in life except using the “magic word,” whatever the word is at that moment.

Could be hello, how you doing, it could be what’s up.

Your head is ruining every moment for you.

Because your head is waiting for the moment to be created, and the fact that you can’t create the moment because if we go even deeper you can only control your own universe.

Granted when you were a little boy throwing the ball up in the air, you could control. You were the defense, you were the offense, you were the coach, you were the special team.

But in reality, when you get older, you can’t control anything.

So the only way to walk through that fear, the only way to make it through that fear is to really go over there and talk to that person, say whatever you need to say and have a human conversation and exchange of words between two people and watch what happens.

The fear that you have will start to dissipate and you’ll start to become a human being living instead of somebody who still believes that they can be the little boy in the Super Bowl and create that perfect moment.