One of the worst things in the world about living in LA is that there is traffic all the time. 

And I’m not kidding––all. the. time.

You’re constantly looking to find a way to get through the traffic.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is.  It doesn’t matter what time of night it is.  It doesn’t matter if it is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

There is always traffic. 

LA has a lot of great things to do.  The problem is, you never want to do them because you can never get anywhere.

It’s got great neighborhoods––just takes forever to get there.

It has a lot of interesting cultural things to do.  The problem is, the cultural thing could be two miles from your house, and it could take two hours to get there––no kidding.

There was one time that I needed to go downtown to see a client.  He had some tickets to a Laker game, and I lived in Santa Monica at the time.

The drive from Santa Monica to downtown with no traffic is 12 minutes down the I-10.

This time, however, I left my house at 5:00 in the afternoon––yes, traffic o’ clock––and I didn’t get to the Laker game until after 7:30pm.  That 12 minute trip took two and a half hours.  It was unreal.

There are stretches of LA that are just unreal to drive through.  And it ruins what really is a great city.

The city is full of creative people.  It’s a city full of dreams.  (Most of them get shattered, of course, because most people don’t make it in this town, but let me not be negative.)

It is a city with great weather.  It is a city with great restaurants and great things to do.  The problem is by the time you get there, you’re so frazzled because of the traffic you had to sit in.

I don’t care how nice of a car you have, or how many minutes you have on your cell phone plan, nothing causes more aggravation than sitting in ridiculously bad traffic at all hours of the day.

. . .

What’s your thing to bitch about? And I don’t want to hear about dating.

I don’t want to hear about not getting dates or not having someone respond to an online profile.

What’s something about where you live that drives you absolutely nuts?

I love traveling, so I love learning new things.  So today, let’s talk about your city and the thing that drives you nuts about it, and let’s see if anybody can beat the traffic* here in Los Angeles.

(*Not only that, you should see the drivers here.  The horn is the “wake-the-fuck-up device” because nobody ever seems to move anyway.  So you’ve always got to “wake” them up.)