So you want to get lucky? You do, and in fact you decided that tonight is the night want to get lucky. You woke up this morning and you said to yourself, “God, I need to get laid. Who do I want it to be with? Boy, I just wish I could get laid!”

So you go out that night with the sole intention of getting laid. Everywhere you go, you are checking out the crowd and thinking, “God, is there anyone here I can lay?”

Do you know what that energy conveys to people? Desperation! When you go out just wanting to get laid, you will have a desperate energy around you.

It’s a weird thing. When I run Bootcamps and coached people, I always tell guys that if you approach a woman and all you want is her phone number, she is going to feel that right from the get-go. She’s going to feel that in your energy, and she is going to see it because you won’t be listening to her at all.

When I go out, I have no objective in mind . . . except to have a good time. I go out to meet people, hang out and have a great time. That’s all I do.

When I was single, I never went out thinking to myself, “Boy, I need to get laid!” All that I ever thought about was going out and having a good time.

So if you’re someone who ever goes out with the mindset that you want to get laid, then it’s time to change your mindset. Why don’t you try and change your M.O.? Why not change the way you think? Do that, and then maybe tonight you WILL get laid.