Next time you have a late night pizza craving, I want you to imagine that you are a woman.

And you are worried that it will put some extra pounds on your thighs, and you won’t look like the girl who is on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Imagine you woke up a woman… tomorrow.

I want you to imagine what it is like going out on a date with man, and the man is forcefully trying to get upstairs into your house. I want you to imagine what that feeling must feel like. That feeling of telling a guy no, over and over again, and yet he is still trying to plead, or persuade his way upstairs, making you nervous.

I want you to imagine what it’s like being a woman, and I want you to imagine what it is like when you’re fooling around.

Yeah, I know, I’m not asking you to turn gay.

But imagine what it is like to have a man — who is twice your size — persisting with his hand, consistently, in areas that you don’t want him to go, quite yet, and having to push him away. But yet her persistently does that.

Imagine what it would be like, if you were a woman, and you walked down the street, and men were just staring at your ass and breasts, all the time.

Imagine what it would be like, if you were a woman, and you were in a parking garage, and three guys were looking at you, and it was a dark garage, and you still have 40 feet to go to the elevator. Imagine what that would feel like.

Imagine what it would feel like walking to your car in the Walmart parking lot, alone at night, your car parked far away, and two men walking towards you, with their shoulders down, and had menacing looking walks. Imagine what that’s like.

Imagine being the weaker of the two sexes.

Now women, please, never ever get defensive here.

But guys: imagine, trusting a man, listening to a man’s big promises over and over again, and then three years later, realizing he cheated on you.

Imagine what that would feel like, as a woman, especially if you were brought up and made to think that a man is this romantic hero, the savior. A man was going to rescue you. A man was going to protect you. A man was going to honor you.

Imagine that.

Imagine being a woman, and going through a marriage, and having your heart broken. Being left with two to three children. Not trusting men any more.

Imagine dating as a woman, hearing men that want something, then all of a sudden, after they get what they wanted (sex) they stop calling you.

I want you to imagine what it’s like being a woman.

Because if you imagine what it’s like being a woman…

You will highly respect women a lot more and you will honor them as a group.

Imagine being a beautiful woman, and most men are constantly intimidated about you. They stare at you like they are literally thinking dirty thoughts, and yet they never come over and talk. Imagine that. So the next time you see a beautiful woman, imagine all of these things.

Imagine it, because it will help you understand who she truly is, and maybe will get you to respect her on a much deeper level, and not just objectify her as a sex object.

The next time you see a beautiful woman that you want to talk to, imagine that most guys just stare at her, drool, talk about her, whisper about her, but don’t approach her.

So now she feels paranoid, and wondering why these men are always looking, but nobody seems to be talking to her.

Imagine what that feels like.

And the next time you convince yourself not to talk to a beautiful woman, I want you to imagine what it’s like to be her.

How great it would feel, to literally walk over there and have a conversation? How great it must feel for her to be talked to, and not talk at?

To be listened to, and not just asked out.

Imagine what it feels like walking around all day long, being looked at, constantly being evaluated, and at the same time constantly not being spoken to. Constantly being approached by guys who just want to ask her out as quickly as possible without getting to know her.

So the next time you are intimidated by a woman, I want you to do this.

Imagine that she is just a person. A real person.

Somebody who is craving a real connection.

Because beautiful women are looking to meet you, a man who understands women.

A man who understands how to connect with women, and more importantly, a man who respects a woman.

So the next time you feel intimidated by a woman, think to yourself, this woman has not ever connected with somebody normal.

She has been drooled over, compared to, she’s been stalked in garages, she has been made to fear men.

So think, I’m going to go over and give her an experience, and show her that there are great men that are left in this world, and I am one of those great men who imagine what it was like to be a woman, and now fully understand women, and respect them so much more.