I truly believe you can heal yourself. Now, this is not some California “woo-woo” thing where you sit there and meditate saying, “I will heal myself” but don’t actually do anything. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about nutrition. I’m talking about the way your body feels every single day.

How do you feel every single day? Are you tired? Are you alert? Do you feel sluggish? How is your stomach? Do you get ‘the runs’ often? Is your stomach irritated by certain foods? Do you belch too much?

I’m sorry. I know I’m being a little crude here, but there are a lot of people I know who have . . . let’s say, issues. They have stomach issues and health issues. They’re overweight.

I really and truly believe that your diet is everything. I eat a really careful and clean diet. There are certain foods that don’t agree with me, so I don’t eat them.

How many of you know the foods that disagree with you, but you continue to eat them anyway? How many of you eat certain things that put you into a ‘food coma’ immediately after you eat them?

You should never go into a food coma. If you are going into a food coma, then you are eating things that don’t agree with you. You are eating foods that are not right for you and your body type.

How many of you take vitamins and herbs, and believe you have a good regimen? You take greens in the morning. Let me tell you something.

I used to have a really bad stomach. When I was a kid, my nickname was BD (and you can figure out on your own what that stood for). I’d miss half a class sometimes because I was in the bathroom. I had a really irritable stomach.

I thought I would just have that problem my whole life. I had just accepted it as the way things are.

Then I remember going to a nutritionist when I lived in Colorado, and the first thing she said to me was that this wasn’t the way things had to be. She told me I didn’t have to live that way.

So I made changes in my diet. I eliminated dairy. I started drinking greens in the morning (by mixing greens power and water). It’s really good, and your body absorbs all the nutrients that it’s probably lacking.

Once I started to do that, I started feeling better. I started eliminating certain foods that didn’t work for me, and I started to feel even better. My energy lever got better; everything got better.

How many of you are suffering physically every single day? The reason why you’re suffering is probably because your diet sucks.

You need to start looking at your diet. Let me tell you something. We have one body and one body only. You can’t trade your body in for a new one, so you have to take care of your body like it’s a majestic temple.

You have to do things that are really good for it, because as you age things start breaking down. I know that because I am aging, and things do break down. You don’t heal as quickly, you can’t run as fast, and you’re not as strong as you once were.

If you keep yourself really clean inside and if you have a really good diet, though, you can keep your body stronger and feeling good a lot longer. Eat slowly and eat small portions.

How many of you eat really quickly? You can finish a meal in five minutes or less, and you’re proud of it. If that’s you, then you are eating too fast. Your body cannot possibly break down or digest anything that goes in you when you eat too fast.

How many of you get an unbelievable sugar craving right after you eat dinner or lunch where you need to eat something sweet? That’s not normal and it’s not good. It might mean that you’re a little yeasty and that is why your body is craving that.

One of the things I think everybody should invest in is their health.

I never eat fast food. If it was the last thing in the world to eat, I still wouldn’t eat it. I would go to bed hungry that night.

I chew my food really slowly so my digestion is good. I drink a lot of water.

How many of you spend the day drinking diet soda. Diet soda could be the worse thing for you. The caffeine is brutally bad in your body, and the chemicals that make up diet soda actually can make you fatter.

You want to drink nothing but water. I don’t drink soda and I don’t drink glasses of cow pus (or milk as most people refer to it). I do this because my body likes it and my body reacts favorably to it.

So it’s time that all of you start looking at your overall health instead of just medicating whenever you have a problem. We go to the doctor, and the doctor treats the symptom but not the cause.

It’s time you got some really good help with your diet, and really took a proactive step to making yourself healthy from the inside out. It’s time to start taking better care of your body.

So how does this relate to dating? Whenever I write about anything outside the world of dating, there are always people who get their panties in a knot and email me asking how that topic relates to dating. So for all of those people, here is the answer.

If you’re not healthy, you don’t have energy and you’re eating improperly, then guess what? You’re not going to feel your best and you’re not going to want to go out and meet people. You’re also not going to feel your best sexually because you’re not going to be that energetic. There, I related it to dating.