What’s your all time favorite song?

What’s your all time favorite song to drive down a highway and listen to that gets you so pumped up for it you literally will crank it up and roll the windows down?

What’s your favorite song to work out by, and what do you like to work out by. What’s your favorite song that really gets you going on your morning run, or your yoga class, or your workout in the gym.

What’s the best song to have sex to?

I’d love to hear what you think about music, and what your best songs are.

I’ll tell you something really funny. There’s a song by The Rolling Stones called Beast of Burden.

I thought it was called “pizza burning.” No joke.

There’s a song from Paul McCartney and Wings called Jet.

I thought it was called “chair.”

There’s another Paul McCartney and the Wings song called Band On The Run. I thought it was about a man on the run.

I’ve got lots of favorite songs, but my brother and I are masters at screwing up the title of a song and hearing different words.

So today, I want you to answer a couple of things.

Not only what your favorite songs are for the above topics, but what song did you always think was something else, until you learned it was something that it wasn’t, like my “man on the run” (a.k.a. Band On The Run).

Alright. Love to hear your opinion.