Thinkers are amazing.

Think, for a second, about what thinkers actually do.

Look around your room right now. Or your office, or wherever you’re reading this.

Look at everything that’s around you.

All the stuff that’s around you was created mostly by thinkers.

Look at the Internet. That was not created by somebody who was very in the moment. That was created by somebody who plotted and planned out every little thing imaginable.

Look at the design of a building. A thinker had to think of everything: all the curves, where the elevator goes, where the lights go—everything had to be thought out really carefully.

When you hand your taxes to your accountant, you hope that he’s a thinker and not an emotional person. Because when he thinks through your taxes, you know you’ll get every single write-off that’s legally allowed for you.

When you contact an attorney, you hope he’s a thinker. So then you could win your case and he could think out every possible solution.

But the problem is, if you try to get laid by thinking your way through the whole interaction with a woman, then it’s not going to work. You can’t just sit there and sketch it all out ahead of time.

Imagine this: you get a sketch board. You draw a picture of yourself naked, you draw a picture of a woman naked. The next page you turn, there you are on top of the woman, and the next page you turn, there you are having sex with the woman.

Dude, thinkers don’t get laid.

Get out of your head.

Stop fantasizing about your interaction with women and go out there and interact.

Create an emotional connection with more women and you’ll notice that you’ll be surrounded by more women.

And that’s something any thinker can appreciate.