I want you to think about this question: How many people are doing things they don’t like in order to meet people?

Some people hate being online, yet they will spend hours on the Internet writing profiles, putting up photos and answering emails all to meet people to whom they are not even attracted. Other people who don’t drink, aren’t “late night people,” and who hate the smell of cigarette smoke will spend weekend night after weekend night in bars.

Why would these people do all this? They do things like this, i.e., things they don’t enjoy, in order to meet someone.

There are a lot of people who have the mentality that the time you spend standing in line at a grocery story is not a good time to talk to someone, because they they think “Well I shouldn’t say anything. I don’t want to bother them.” Somehow, though, they think it’s perfectly okay to “bother” someone who is inside a bar or on the Internet.

For whatever reason, a lot of people think there are only certain places at which it is acceptable to try and meet someone. People are so afraid to think outside the box.

One problem with this mindset, is that the “conventional places” to meet someone — like the bar and the Internet — are really the least favorable places to meet people. You have to weed through SO many people to find a gem on the Internet, and don’t get me started about the issues with meeting people in bars.

Everyone wants to meet somebody. We are born and put on this Earth to love. In order to find love, though, you have to meet a lot of people.

You have to be meeting three to five people every day, since (as I’ve said countless times before) about 80% of the people you meet are people with with whom you will have no romantic chemistry. To find that 20%, i.e., those real connections with someone, you have to do the work.