“I can’t.” Are these words in your vocabulary?

Do you ever say to yourself, “Man I’d really love to go talk to that woman I’m really attracted to over there, but I just can’t do it?” If you’re a woman, do you hear dating advice telling you that you need to be more of a huntress with men and think “I can’t do that?”

A lot of women aren’t hunters at all. They don’t even know how to hunt.

In reality, women can actually be not always so much hunters but baiters — if you know how to lay the bait. The real hunter – the man you’re most attracted to — will actually pick up on that and start talking to you. He’ll pick up on your energy and who you are if you know how to lay the bait.

A lot of the times women don’t understand that this is really just a version of being a female hunter. You’ve got to lay the bait. You can’t just sit back and wait.

The people who sit back in life are the same people who say they can’t do things. Also, by using terminology like “I can’t,” what you are doing is telling yourself that you don’t believe you can do it.

“I can’t” is really just a fear. That’s all it is — “I can’t” is a fear. When you say you can’t do something, it really means that you fear doing it. So you allow fear to basically overcome you and control you.

Fear is such an incredible emotion, but fear it is really a man-made one. Think about it.

You see someone to whom you are attracted, and you tell yourself you can’t go approach them and list all the excuses why you can’t do it. I’m sure they are all fantastic excuses. I’m sure they’re great.

I’m sure you use them a thousand times so that they are extremely well thought out and you actually believe them. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that they are still just excuses.

I see through people’s excuses all the time. I see excuses every day. I have my own excuses and fears I deal with just like everyone else. They key is to deal with them — not to avoid them by saying “I can’t.”

So the term “I can’t” doesn’t exist. This is especially true for you women out there who don’t understand the power of being the female hunter . . . but I’ll talk more about that another day.