How To Date Younger WomenI got a great email over the weekend from a guy. He asks, “David, to cut a long story short. I’m a 56-year-old guy. 4 years ago, I became divorced after 30 years of marriage. I had no clue about dating but I didn’t do so badly. Right now, I’m doing the online dating thing. I use the lessons I’ve learned, and because of that, I get to meet some nice women. But I decided I wanted to meet women offline too.

After reading and studying some of your material, I decided that a nearby Starbuck’s was going to be my practice grounds. I’ve gotten to know the baristas there, and I’m always flirting with them. I’ve even started using little nicknames like you suggest for these girls.

Here’s the issue. It didn’t really occur to me that these girls are only between the ages of 20 and 30, yet they respond to me far more aggressively, sexually than women my own age. So what do I do? Can I date them? The age thing kind of worries me.  

Part of me says it’d be cool to go on a date with a 20-30 year-old girl, but part of me says quit being a dirty old man. These women are babies. What do you think? Should I go for it or forget it? Thanks. All the best, Tom.”

David says…

Tom, never expect a relationship with these women. They’re 20 to 30 years younger than you. That said, you can be an experience for these women, and they can be an experience for you. Life is all about experiences. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship I always say within 10 years is going to give you the best shot of making it work. I say the say for women too. Anything younger than that, and there’s going to be too much of an age gap.

In other words, a 46 year old could easily get involved in a relationship with a woman who is 46 or 66 years-old. But a relationship with a 25 year-old is just going to be an experience for her. You’re going to be able to enjoy her, and she’s going to be able to enjoy you. You’ll be able to teach each other some lessons. You’ll be able to fulfil each other’s fantasies, but in the long-term, the relationship doesn’t stand a great chance of survival.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes life is about sharing and getting to know people in the moment. To me, life is all about connecting and age has no limits. You might connect with someone who is 20 odd years younger than you, and maybe it will last a few months, or maybe even a year or so. The more open you are, the more you’ll get to experience as a man. Don’t feel like you’re a dirty old man. Are they dirty young women because they’re checking out the dirty old man?

Just have fun. Enjoy what the universe is giving you. Have a good time, and don’t question it. Experience these women if you want to. It might just be a physical fantasy for you, and if you’re fine with that, then great. Their view on life is going to be so much different from yours, so don’t expect too much of an emotional connection. Life is for living, so go live it my man!