What is it about flying?

You would think that the people who run airlines would figure a way to keep a plane feeling fresh and light.

Give me a clean-smelling plane.

But it seems like most airplanes like to give you that bloated, funny feeling in the sky.

Think about it.

Over the course of your day, there is usually one hour or more where you go without eating, right?

But yet when you’re flying you need to be fed, watered, and soda’d during the entire flight, even if its only an hour long.

So what happens when you fill a pressurized cylinder full of humans with Coca Cola, apple juice, tomato juice, and alcoholic beverage and low-quality pretzels and peanuts?

You’ve got a plane full of in-air crop dusters.

It’s really quite repulsive.

I had a guy walk by me once and fart in my ear. That’s right, as he was walking by me to the bathroom, he farted in my ear.

I looked at him and he had such a poker face on. I’m thinking to myself, really? You just farted in my ear. The least you can do is smile. Laugh. Do something. Blame it on the peanuts.


So tell me, what is the worst experience you’ve had on an airplane?

Have you ever been crop-dusted in mid-air?

And once again, you’re probably all thinking to yourself: What does this have to do about dating?

Well, have a sense of humor! The next time you’re on an airplane, you can turn to somebody and say, “There’s a lot crop dusting going on here.”

And I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle, or it will lead to another conversation.

Sometimes you just got to have fun with a topic, and today’s topic is crop-dusting.