I’m going to go through the three days of dating where you have the greatest chance to connect on somebody’s emotional wavelength.


Friday is the day of hope.

For those people who have a new date coming up on a Saturday night, there is hope.

You go out with your friends and say “I’m going out with someone new tomorrow night. I really hope they’re as amazing as they seem on the phone and the few texts we have exchanged.”

Friday is hope day.

If you don’t have a date on Saturday night, Friday is also the day of hope, but in a different way.

You’ve got the whole weekend to go out and hopefully meet somebody. I’m using the word ‘hope’ because most people don’t end up meeting who they are looking for.

Friday is also the start of a heavy traffic day on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OkCupid and the rest.

People start peeking in there because if they’re not meeting anybody. Come Friday night after happy hour or dinner with friends, they’re home on their ass.

They’re swiping.

They’re typing.

They’re answering emails to prospective dates. It starts the heavy traffic days of dating.


Saturday is one of the heaviest traffic days of the week.

More messages are exchanged on dating apps and dating sites on a Saturday than any other day. You’re hoping to catch some spontaneous person that you can go out with and meet for a drink.

Unfortunately most people are not spontaneous. They’re too busy hoping, swiping, texting too many different people. Then the one spontaneous person who’s willing to be spontaneous with you gets lost in the endless messages that come pouring in on Saturday.

Which leads us to Sunday.


Sunday is inventory day.

It’s like a store. You’re taking inventory. You’re going through your online account, your app account, to see if anybody came through over the weekend that maybe you can actually go out with that week because the traffic starts dying down.dating

Because when Monday comes, we need to do what?

Work. Get serious again. Stop sitting on our phones, swiping, typing, and texting for a date.

So Sunday is the day that you start taking inventory. That’s the day you can start deleting some of the people. You no longer care about the amount of connections you have. You’re now looking for the one.

You go through all of the emails since Friday. It feels like it’s been so long. Maybe you even got a phone number.

Sunday is the day of inventory, and that also makes Sunday “Decision Day”. Of all the people you’ve swiped. Of all the people you’ve met. Of all the people you’ve run into. Are you going to make a decision? Or are you going to be tortured by the ‘bigger, better deal’ mentality?

Maybe the traffic next weekend from your online dating sites and the places you go might deliver somebody better. Most times we don’t commit to the person we actually should commit to. We don’t go out on a date with somebody that we should meet because we’re thinking that maybe next weekend’s traffic will be, “a bigger, better deal.”

My advice is to seize your opportunities. If a girl gives you her number, call. Set up a date. Go out with her. You never know what might happen.

Remember, an imperfect ACTION gets more results than the perfect inaction.

Just do it.