The number one secret to life is remembering how good it felt to be a child. Women love childlike curiosity. Most of you have lost so much of that childlike charm and curiosity that you bore the women you meet instantly. Think about what life is about. Think about the magical moments.

It’s the end of summer right now and it’s one of those magical times of the year. I remember when I was a kid; every summer had so much magic. I remember school would end June 22nd. It gave us a few days to hang out before we went to summer camp. I remember going to sleep away camp. It was eight weeks, which is a long time for a young kid to be away from their parents.

It was a little scary at first but became really fun to be on your own for the summer. To hang out, play with friends, and experience different things. I remember going home at the end of summer. We’d always go out to the beach. Spend time with my grandmother, my grandfather, and my Dad, my Mom, and other family.

Summers are fun. I remember summers when we were in college. We would have that four month summer vacation. We would go out and drink almost every night with friends and get all hungover. We’d still have to keep going because of some job, and plow our way through being hungover all day. Even so, we’d do it all over again that night.

Now we became an adult and we have to work. Summers are not what they used to be. Summers are not as fun nor as exciting as they used to be. So let’s talk about summer. What is your all-time favorite summer memory?

What is your favorite summer as a kid and why? What did you do? What did you experience? What do you remember from that experience?

How about THIS summer… What did you do this summer that was fantastic? What type of memories did you create for yourself, or did you just do your what you normally do?

What type of memories are you creating every day for yourself? Are you able to say 2015 so far has been your best ever?

Let’s see what we can create. You still have a little bit of summer left to go.