Recently on a trip back east, I had a few epiphanies. When I was traveling in Sag Harbor in August, New York City in September and Maui in October, I realized something that was plaguing me.  You see, I’ve always been somebody who’s proud of getting back to people as quickly as possible. To me, answering e-mails at all hours, on the weekend, on vacation, was something I’m proud of. I would not go to bed unless I answered all e-mails.

Because I thought to myself, that’s what a successful person does, he goes to sleep with an inbox that has zero things left in it. So you wake up with a clear mind.  What I realized was, I was bringing other people’s energy into my consciousness.  I was reading e-mails, people’s life and problems and issues and anger towards dating and relationships.  And I realized I was going to bed with their energy in my bed.

Every e-mail I read, I would go to bed with that person’s energy next to me. I could feel their frustration, I would toss and turn all night.  Over the last few years, I’ve been sleeping less and less. I couldn’t seem to fall asleep.  And it wasn’t healthy for me. I started doing some things recently that have helped me become not only a better sleeper, but I’ve had almost no stress in my life. I have discovered some simple techniques that have helped me be more relaxed and more successful in all areas of my life.

I’m going to share these simple techniques in today’s video. It’s going to shock you how they will not only help you sleep better, but help you connect and succeed in all parts of your life. After you do these simple techniques you’re going to wake up feeling empowered, ready to take on the world. Check it out today.