For those of you who suffer from an incurable disease called approach anxiety, I’ve got the cure for you right now.

It’s the power of “I have a secret”.

I figure in my lifetime I have probably approached and spoken to over 100,000 women and over one million men.

I’m not saying that to brag or boast or anything. I can approach people because every single person I go over and talk to, I imagine them having a secret message to tell me.

Think about it. You’re on a treasure hunt for information.

You see people out in your daily life all the time. Think to yourself, what secret message does that person have for me today?

Wow. Imagine that. You’re in a supermarket, you see a beautiful woman. Just like a little boy you look at her and think, that woman’s got a secret to share with me.

I know she does. She’s got some secret thing she’s going to tell me. Maybe I’m going to get into the Count Chocula’s club or Frankenberry’s club or Captain Crunch’s clubhouse.

Imagine that. Imagine going through life with this incredible boyish enthusiasm.

Whenever you approach somebody, walk over to them with a big smile. Be inquisitive. Wonder what secret they have to share. What valuable lesson are they going to teach me right now? What tidbit of information are they going to give me that’s going to make me a more powerful, interesting man?

When you do that, every single person becomes less intimidating because you’re on a mission to uncover the treasure. The secret treasure that you’ve always wanted.

What’s the secret treasure? The secret treasure is the connection with the woman that you’ve always wanted to make. If you walk over there, you have no fear, because you know she has something to share with you. You’re going to talk to her because you want to find out what it is.mindset-image

It’s like a secret mission. Imagine walking up to 50 people a day to learn whatever that secret mission is. By the end of the day, you’ve learned whatever the mission was.

Guess what the mission always is?

Connecting deeper with people. When you go over to somebody with no fear like you’re on a hunt, like you’re a secret agent, she’s going to feel this energy from you.

She’s going to feel an energy that’s far more interesting than ever before.

The next time you’re out and about and you feel approach anxiety, I want you to look at the world around you as a secret clubhouse. There is a mission that you need to fulfill and everybody is there to teach you something.

Next time you approach a woman, walk over to her and say “hi” to her with boyish enthusiasm. Literally in the back of your mind be asking what is the secret mission? What secret do you have to share with me today?

It’s going to change the way you do things. It’s going to change the way you think. It’s going to enable you to become inquisitive, become real, become present and authentic. Because if everybody has a secret to share, aren’t you going to become present, really listening, because you want to know what that secret is?

Remember when you were a little kid and someone said I’ve got a secret?

Or for those of you who are dads, your kid says I’ve got a secret. And you bend down and you listen so carefully. You listen so carefully because you don’t want to miss that secret.

That’s exactly what your day to day life could become.

When you’re gathering secrets, you’re gathering information. You’re learning things. You’re listening. Your conversations start getting better because you want to find out what the secret is.

Usually people don’t tell you the secret right away, right?

You’ve got to be a little more inquisitive. You’ve got to get it out of them.

If you realize that everybody has a secret to share with you, a lesson to share, you’re going to listen. You’re going to be so pleasant until you find that gem, until they speak those magic words.

Then the real conversation starts, instead of small talking them to death, because no one’s going to reveal a secret through small talk. The secret only comes to those they trust. So you have to build trust to learn the secret.

Go and become the best version of yourself by going out and finding all the daily secrets that are around you.